Woolshed on the Lachlan, 2013

'interior' 2013 watercolour 76x56cm Christine Porter


A large series paintings of a  shearing shed near Condobolin in New South Wales central-west, by Australian artist, Christine Porter . Mainly watercolour on paper, 10 cm square up to 91 cm long. There are only a few paintings left unsold from this series. Contact us for availability, prices or to book a studio visit. image: Interior 2013 watercolour on paper 76×56 cm sold, private collection

artist statement

In June 2012, Christine was invited to Condobolin, by family friends, to create a body of work about their wool-shed. She spent several days immersing herself in the visual feast that was presented to her. “The best paintings happen when I work on site”, she writes. “Being there for many days gives me a chance to fully explore the way the light changes over the day and how it relates with the different views of the buildings. There were days of bleak winter light either end of my trip, but the few days of bright sunshine in the middle made the experience for me. I drew lots when I was there, and started some paintings, which were then completed in my studio from the material I’d collected. Thank you to the Gavel family for giving me the chance to experience the subjects and ambience of this historic and beautiful place” Christine Porter, Condobolin 2014

Greeting Cards

Selection of rural greeting cards by Christine Porter
Selection of rural greeting cards by Christine Porter
The Gulgo Collection – a set of blank greeting cards

Full Moon Publications have published some of the images from this series as greeting cards. Cards with the code C27 -C39 are of Gulgo.


Most of the paintings that have been sold into private collections Australia-wide: contact Christine if you are interested in seeing an up-to-date photo of the couple that are still available (Christine has worked on them since they were first exhibited/photographed. There is one in particular of the northern wall of the shed, that was exhibited in her 2017 Inverell exhibition which is still available)
The series Ten Windows was also created as part of this project. Here are two from that series.

“Ten Windows V” 2013 watercolour on paper sold
“Ten windows I’ 2013 watercolour on paper 21x21cm available
'interior' 2013 watercolour 76x56cm Christine Porter
‘interior’ 2013 watercolour 76×56 sold
'looking west to teh weathershed' 2013 watercolour 52x38cm Christine Porter
looking west to the weathershed‘ 2013 watercolour 52x38cm Sold
'looking across' 2013 watercolour 31x33cm Christine Porter
‘looking across’ 2013 watercolour. sold
'In the paddock ' 2013 watercolour 27x8cm Christine Porter
In the paddock’ 2013 watercolour 27x8cm Sold
'the board' 2013 watercolour 28x20cm Christine Porter
‘the board‘ 2013 watercolour 28x20cm. Sold

'three brooms' 2013 watercolour approx 38x43cm Christine Porter
three brooms‘ 2013 watercolour approx 38x43cm. sold
'two brooms' 2013 watercolour 38x43 Christine Porter
‘two brooms’ 2013 watercolour 38×43. sold
'the side of the brick oven' 2013 watercolour 20x20cm Christine Porter
‘the side of the brick oven’ 2013 watercolour 20x20cm. sold

'shed from hear the hayshed' 2013 watercolour 31x91cm Christine Porter
‘shed from hear the hayshed’ 2013 watercolour 31x91cm. sold
'reflecting history' 2013 watercolour 22x82 Christine Porter
reflecting history’ 2013 watercolour 22×82. sold
'pumpshed through the trees' 2013 watercolour 32x46cm Christine Porter
‘pumpshed through the trees’ 2013 watercolour 32x46cm. sold
'Pumpshed at Gulgo' 2013 watercolour 29x45cm Christine Porter
‘Pumpshed at Gulgo’ 2013 watercolour 29x45cm. Sold
'pump shed past the gate' 2013 watercolour 21x22cmChristine Porter
‘pump shed past the gate’ 2013 watercolour 21x22cm. sold
'gas engine at the pumpshed' 2013 watercolour 20x20cm Christine Porter
‘gas engine at the pumpshed’ 2013 watercolour 20x20cm. sold. Published as blank greeting card
'dunny' 2013 watercolour 12x13cm Christine Porter
‘dunny’ 2013 watercolour 12x13cm.sold
'Corrugated Iron gate ' 2013 watercolour approx 45x 38cmcm Christine Porter
‘Corrugated Iron gate ‘ 2013 watercolour approx 45x 38cm. sold
'connected connnecting' 2013 watercolour 45x39cm Christine Porter
‘connected connnecting’ 2013 watercolour 45x39cm. sold.
'backlit gate' 2013 watercolour 34x28cm Christine Porter
‘backlit gate’ 2013 watercolour 34x28cm. sold Published as blank greeting card.
'coke can rattle' 2013 acrylic on canvas14x14cm Christine Porter
‘coke can rattle’ 2013 acrylic on canvas14x14cm. sold