West of the Barcoo

“West of the Barcoo” is a large project of three shearing sheds near Blackall in western Queensland. Thank you to the family, who have been collecting my work for years in various forms, for their hospitality and for sharing the excitement of this project. The project is made up of approximately 70 paintings and a boxed drawing project called “A Sense of Place” completed early 2018. 

Finishing "West of the Barcoo"

With the paintings taking so long to complete, the end result was a huge collection. They were delivered immediately after new year in 2018, but at the Christmas holiday time, just before that, the final steps in the curation and inventory were still to be completed. This video describes that final part of the project’s process. 


Drawings and found objects, in artist-made Perspex boxes​

Christine Porter "A sense of place" artist made Perspex boxes enclosing in each a pencil drawing and a related found object.
Part of the collection of artist-made Persex boxed drawings from Christine Porter's "A sense of Place" 2018.


 This is not the complete collection of this year long project. Many of the paintings from this series have sold. Some have gone on to be exhibited in group shows such as  “Catching pens” which was exhibited as part of the Australian Watercolour Colour Institute’s curated exhibition at the Gosford Regional Gallery in March 2018 and again in her solo exhibition in Armidale in Feb-Mar 2019. Contact Christine directly for details of availability or price for paintings in this series. Prices range from $300 to $4000 depending on framed state and size of painting.

1 The Newest Shed

This is the main shed for my friend’s wool operation. When I was there the decisions were being made about which fleece would be sent to the Ekka that year to compete. Consequently there are a couple of paintings about that occasion. It was fun to compare the fleeces, noting the slight differences in colour, staple and crimp. It was, I might add,  a successful show for my friends that year. Often within series, there are mini-series. The woolstencils that are a vital part of the woolselling process, are an ongoing visual joy.

‘W is for William’ 2017 watercolour 10×10.5cm SOLD
“Woolstencil E” 2017 watercolour 10x10cm SOLD
Christine Porter 'Woolstencil H' 2017 watercolour approx 11x11cm
‘Woolstencil H’ 2017 watercolour 10x10cm
‘Woolstencils JH and RGB’ 2017 watercolour 16.5×16.5cm SOLD
Christine Porter 'Woolstencils AAA' 2017 watercolour 16.5x16.5cm
‘Woolstencils AAA’ 2017 watercolour 16.5×16.5cm
Christine Porter 'Woolstencils W-BKN' 2017 watercolour 16.5x16.5cm
Christine Porter ‘Woolstencils W-BKN’ 2017 watercolour 16.5×16.5cm SOLD
Waiting for the Ekka – side view’ 2017 watercolour 20.5×20.5cm SOLD
Christine Porter 'Waiting for the Ekka - two fleeces' 2017 watercolour 36x36cm Sold
‘Waiting for the Ekka – two fleeces’ 2017 watercolour 36x36cm SOLD
‘Waiting for the Ekka 5 fleeces’ 2017 watercolour 20.5×20.5cm SOLD
‘in the corner of the shed’ 2017 watercolour 20.5×20.5cm SOLD
‘The End Stand’ 2017 watercolour on paper 29x27cm SOLD
‘In the yards with ewe’ 2017 watercolour 29x27cm SOLD (To the man in the hat)
“Morning’ 2017 watercolour 29×27 SOLD
“In the yards’ 2017 watercolour70x44 SOLD (To the other man in the hat)
Christine Porter 'Blue sky farming' 2017 watercolour 68x27cm SOLD
Christine Porter ‘Blue sky farming’ 2017 watercolour 68x27cm SOLD
‘Shed with tractor’ 2017 watercolour 62x22cm SOld
Christine Porter 'Shed at dusk' 2017 watercolour49.5x16
Christine Porter ‘Shed at dusk’ 2017 watercolour49.5x16cm
Christine Porter 'Moonrise' 2017 watercolour 622x22cm
Christine Porter ‘Moonrise’ 2017 watercolour 622x22cm  (yes, there’s a full moon there) SOLD Packsaddle Exhibition Armidale 2019     
“Interior” 2017 watercolour approx 80×30 SOLD
Christine Porter 'Shed with yellow machinery' 2017 watercolour 60x20cm
Christine Porter ‘Shed with yellow machinery’ 2017 watercolour 60x20cm

2 The Original Family Shed

When I was sketching and painting on site at this shed, I was very aware that it was generations of this family who had worked within its walls. It was the spark that began the Sense of Place series of boxed drawings. The shed, though being worked by the same family team as the others, had its own character as well.

ChristinePorter 'Catching pens, shearing shed, Blackall Qld" 2017 watercolour 54x74cm
ChristinePorter ‘Catching pens, shearing shed, Blackall Qld” 2017 watercolour 54x74cm. Exhibited AWI curated exhibition Gosford Regional Gallery 2018. WON Watercolour section Aspects Art Show Goondiwindi 2018 WON Interiors Section Inverell Art Show 2018 SOLD      
‘Three trees at the shed’ 2017 watercolour 10×10.cm SOLD    
‘Washhouse in shadow’2017 watercolour13x12cm SOLD     
‘meathouse’ 2017 watercolour12x13.5 SOLD     
‘Mill at dusk’ 2017 watercolour 15.5×15.5cm     
Christine Porter 'Ramp east, diagonal view' 2017 watercolour 20.5x20.5cm
Christine Porter ‘Ramp east, diagonal view’ 2017 watercolour 20.5×20.5cm SOLD   
Christine Porter 'Ramp east , straight on' 2017 watercolour 20.5x20.5cm
Christine Porter ‘Ramp east , straight on’ 2017 watercolour 20.5×20.5cm     
Tank at quarters with verandah’ 2017 20.5×20.5cm SOLD     
Tank at quarters with two windows’ 2017 watercolour 20.5×20.5cm SOLD  
Through the washhouse doors’ 2017 watercolour 20.5×20.5cm SOLD     
‘Two tanks’ watercolour 29×27 SOLD     
“Counting Out Pens” 2017 watercolour 36x36cm SOLD     
‘Basket and corrugated iron’ 2017 watercolour29x27cm  
ChristinePorter ' Windmill at the turkey's nest" 2017 watercolour 29x27
‘ Windmill at the turkey’s nest” 2017 watercolour 29×27 SOLD   
‘Large single woolbasket’ 2017 watercolour 37×37.5cm SOLD     
‘Shed from the paddock’ 2017 watercolour apprx 80x20cm SOLD     
‘Shed from the dam wall’ 2017 watercolour 68×19.5cm SOLD



3 The Oldest Shed

Of the three sheds, this is probably the oldest. It’s low on the ground, and built from bush timber milled on-site. The thing I love most about this shed is the way it’s nestled into the scrub – it’s as if it’s a simply more shaded, constructed part of it. 

P2017.67 Counting out pens
‘Fence north’ 2017 watercolour 29x27cm
‘Mill with the stripy sky’ 2017 watercolour 29×27
‘Race west’ 2017 watercolour 28.5×27
P2017.45 ‘Gate north Juray’ 2017 watercolour 16.5×16.5cm
Dip west juray’ 2017 watercolour 16.5×16.5cm
‘Two tanks’ watercolour 29×27
‘Mill and two tanks’ 2017 watercolour 29x27cm
‘Weathershed inside gate shadows’ 2017 Watercolour 20.5×20.5cm
‘weathershed-gate north’ (approx crop)2017 watercolour20.5×20.5cm
‘weathershed – inside outside fence’ 2017 watercolour 20.5×20.5cm
‘Juray shed from west’ 2017 watercolour approx 74x20cm
Shed from the south west’ 2017 watercolour
Juray shed from the north’ 2017 watercolour 62x22cm
‘Juray shed with triangular yards’ 2017 watercolour 67x25cm
‘Big cloud sky’ 2017 watercolour 37×37
‘Mill at dusk’ 2017 watercolour 15.5×15.5cm
‘two tanks and broken mill’ 2017watercolour 13.5x12cm