West of the Barcoo 2017

work in progress

‘Parked in the shade’ (detail) 2017 watercolour full size 65x30cm

I’ve been working on this project for over a year.
Interruptions like the major February exhibition, teaching trips, one-in-one-hundred-year floods notwithstanding it’s been a big year.

“West of the Barcoo” is a large project of three shearing sheds near Blackall in western Queensland, and I’m thrilled to bits with the results. I want to thank the family, who have been collecting my work for years in various forms, for their hospitality and for sharing the excitement of this project.There is also a drawing project as part of the project called “A Sense of Place”. More images to come as they are completed.

As I write, the finishing touches are being put to the paintings as well. I’ll be delivering them to the family in December then they’ll decide which they’ll choose. I’m anticipating being able to release the project to the general public by the end of January 2018. It is very great excitement that I say let’s all WATCH THIS SPACE !!

Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the images that you may have already seen on my instagram and facebook feeds.

Work in progress. “Amongst the trees”. Watercolour on smooth #saunderspaper. #watercolour #shearingshed #australia #detail

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If you are interested in knowing when this series becomes available, please contact me directly on the form below, and I’ll make sure you find out first.