New Zealand group Exhibition

I am thrilled to be included in this exhibition which opens at the end of this month in Wellington, New Zealand.
It is curated by Rosemary Mortimer, a Wellington printmaker. I was invited because I am a satellite member of that artistic community: I’ve taught there twice, and will be presenting a printmaking master class there early March 2016.

There is more information on their Facebook page, but here is the invite to the show. If you are in Wellington while this is on, it will be a lovely show to see.

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a photo of a very green garden with the text "Finding Time" and "" superimposed

Finding Time

In any business, there’s an ebb and flow of crisis and calm, overlaid with the day-to-day strategies that plod along getting things done. I realised that allocating time to the garden – a less important job in my week – took the worry of it not being done, and gave me more time for everything else.

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Christine Porter Blog Post "Time may be linear but people's collections aren't" - about how people collect, and how a collection is the intersection between one person's creative episode and other person's life episode.

Time may be linear, but people’s collections aren’t.

There are people in charge of curating private, corporate and public collections, but there is something very special about the personal collectors that Christine knows. This is a comment about how people collect, what it feels like to be collected, and how a collection is the intersection between one person’s creative episode and other person’s life episode.

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