Christine’s first shearing shed was at “Charlotte Plains” near Cunnamulla.
Thirty -five years later, in a career that has taken her across Australia’s heartland, her hundredth is the iconic shed at “Deeargee”, Uralla.

“The Hundredth Shearing Shed” 2018 Watercolour on paper 54x50cm SOLD

The “Deeargee” shearing shed was once part of “Gostwyck”, one of the first sheep runs established on this part of the New England. The octagonal, pyramidal section of the shed, built in 1872, is attributed to the architect Horbury Hunt. Designed for blade shearing, it was only seventeen years later, in 1889 that the woolshed was extended.Twenty-seven Wolseley Shearing Machines were imported from England, creating a need for a long board – machines that would change wool production in Australia forever. In 1903 the shed was extended again with the addition of the brick woolroom.

Christine would like to thank the current owner of “Deeargee” and their families, for their hospitality and enthusiasm about this project.

The Exhibition

Works from this series were exhibited as part of Christine’s solo exhibition at NERAM (New England Regional Art Museum) in Armidale Feb8 – March17, 2019. The exhibition was entitled The Hundredth Shearing Shed and included paintings from several other series from the New England as well as the “Deeargee” paintings.

The Process

This series was created in 2018-2019, after Christine spent time at the shed Easter 2018. She created a short video of that time.

Read More

Christine blogs semi-regularly. There were many stories to tell about this project. Read more here and here .

Radio National Program

That Easter, after Christine had been at “Deeargee”, she had an extra night in Armidale. Staying in the caravan park she accidentally met Ed Ayers from  The Arts Show on Radio National. A few months later she took him and his partner to Stanthorpe to see a shed there (Armidale was too far for Ed to come back to, to do the story). The program went to air February 13. Listen here. 

The Artwork

Many of these works have been collected into private collections on the New England, however in the spirit of presenting a cohesive body of work the sold and available have not been separated. A large proportion of these works are being exhibited at the New England Regional Art Museum in Armidale as part of the exhibition The Hundredth Shearing Shed, (Feb 8-March17. 2019) therefore any sales of those particular works, during that 5 weeks, will be organised through the gallery. Please contact Christine directly if you are interested in  information about any of these paintings.

“Deeargee” 2018 watercolour 74x54cm
“The Inside of an Octagon” 2019 watercolour 74x54cm SOLD
“The Shed from the Quarters” 2018 watercolour 63x25cm SOLD
“The Shed from the Yards” 2018 watercolour 63x 24cm
“Western Shadow Patterns I” 2018 watercolour 20x20cm
“Western Shadow Patterns II” 2018 watercolour 20x20cm
“From the Quarters on a Windy Day” 2018 watercolour 29×27
“Older than the trees around it” 2018 watercolour 29x27cm
“Western Doorway Patterns” 2018 watercolour20x20cm SOLD
“Deeargee shed from the Bridge” 2018watercolour 28x27cm
“Deeargee from the road” 2018 watercolour 20x20cm
“Lock and Catch” 2018 watercolour 16x16cm
“Eastern Door Shadow Patterns” 2018 watercolour 29x27cm
“Deeargee shed from the paddock” 2018 watercolour
“The Hundredth Shearing Shed” 2018 Watercolour on paper 54x50cm SOLD
“New England Summer “2018 watercolour 74x54cm
“The Board with Shearing Gea”r 2019 watercolour 29x27cm
“Scales”2019 watercolour 10x10cm Sold
“Latch”2019watercolour10x10cm  Sold
“Scribes table” 2019 watercolour 10x10cm Sold
“Broom” 2019 watercolour10x10cm SOLD
“Chain”2019 watercolour 10x10cm
” Interior pens and gates – to the woolroom” 2019 watercolour 20x20cm SOLD
“Interior pens and gates – two gates” 2019 watercolour 20x20cm SOLD
“Interior pens and gates- looking south” 2019 watercolour 20x20cm SOLD
“The Long Board” 2019 Watercolour approx 72x40cm Sold
“Central Alleyway” 2019 watercolour approx 74x40cm SOLD
“Woolhandling Area” 2019 watercolour 29x27cm SOLD
“Expert’s Boxes” 2019 watercolour 29x27cm
“Morning light on the Board” 2019 watercolour 74x54cm SOLD Note: This image was put chosen for Radio National’s Instagram page as part of the promo for the radio program. On her own Instagram page, it remains one of the most commented on.

The Paintings

Variously sized paintings, all watercolour on Saunders smooth paper, the smallest 10x11cm, through to full sheet (74×54) . The work is presented matted, ready to frame, wrapped in cellophane. Some work is framed in the artist-made perspex boxes they were exhibited in, others framed. 

Prices for work in this series is between $250 for the smallest to between $2000 -3000 depending on the size and framed state.
Contact Christine directly to purchase any work – most remaining work is at her studio/gallery in Lismore.

Click on individual image to see larger file, or start the slideshow. 
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Smaller Work

Middle-sized Work

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