Solo Exhibition, Gympie: March – April , 2020

Ok friends.
Who wants to come up to Gympie on the 21st of March, a Saturday afternoon, and drink champagne with me to celebrate this exhibition? It sounds like the gallery has an afternoon of it planned. so it should be fun.

I haven’t seen some of you for an age, so if you’ve got the time, I’ve got the place.

I’ve got new work in this show. The painting on the invite is from this series completed Dec 2019 of the “Booralong” shed. And I’ve been lucky to borrow back a few paintings from private collections, of men and women shearing and working sheep. As you know, I’m not often in the sheds during shearing, but over the last few projects the sheds have been in use. Have loved this variation of subject.

You also know I love inviting lots of my friends to share the completion of a project such as this. I hope you can come along.

There’s more official details on their website, or msg me if you want the unofficial bits.

Official opening Saturday 21 March, 12pm.

Spit roast lunch available. drought-relief fundraiser sponsored by Tom Grady Real Estate & Auctions. I think it will be a big afternoon – the other shows opening are pretty impressive. Everyone is welcome. Let me know if you’d like me to post or email you an individual invite.

Other Events

Thursday 19 March, 10am: Meet the artist. Floortalk followed by morning tea. Free event. RSVP essential, directly to the gallery.
Friday 20 March: Full day Painting Workshop. “Is My Painting Finished?” For painters with some experience this is the workshop I teach about how to take your painting from finished to fantastic. Bookings via Eventfinda