Small Works

gallery wall showing small paintings + text

Small works give me a chance to ease into a project slowly. Small views of large places that tell as much of a site as those grand vistas of shed interior and exterior that are the hero pieces of the projects. They are important episodes in the larger story. The Standing Stone, for example, was included in the project it was a part of, because generations of that family used this piece of sandstone to get onto their ponies. 

Work from this ongoing series is included in other series, and is shown in various art galleries. Use the filterable control headings to see where a particular painting may be being exhibited. Then contact the gallery directly to purchase. This page may not be up-to-the-minute accurate – sometimes I’m not notified of gallery sales until the end of the month. 

Most work in galleries is presented framed, either in artist-made perspex boxes, or small box frames. Pieces at Christine’s studio/gallery in Lismore (by appointment) can also be supplied matted, ready for you to frame in your own style. 

Prices start at $250 unframed, however most are exhibited, framed, in galleries from $400.

  • Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane. 61 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill. Contact Red Hill Gallery (more work being supplied soon)
  • Barebones Emporium, 18 Franklin St, Swansea TAS 7190 
  • Christine’s studio/gallery Lismore. By appointment. Contact us