'The shop - old texas' 2011 watercolour 32x22cm Sold
‘The shop – old Texas’ 2011 watercolour 32x22cm Sold

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Contact Christine directly  to purchase any paintings on this website. She’ll know about availability and prices etc.
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Prices: between $200 – $3500, depending on the painting’s size, date and framed status. Studio-door-price will mirror any recent gallery or exhibition pricing. If work was first seen in a gallery, commission may still be paid to that gallery.


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Suits wedding or birthday presents, or where a gift is from several people. 

To commissions paintings

Contact Christine directly  for commissions including:
– rural artist-in-residence. Christine’s main practice is painting shearing sheds. She has been invited to visit properties from Tasmania to Mt Isa. The body of work she creates is in response to what inspires her on her visit, as well as the family’s suggestions. Once the work is finished,  the family choose from the series. There is no charge for the prep visit, and the family get first choice of any artwork from the series. Prices for the paintings range from $200 -$2000 depending on the size and magnitude of the work. 

-single image projects Christine can work from your historical photo, though she prefers to use her own. This is a more traditional commission situation. The prices for one-off projects start at $500 and depend on size and media used.

-work in multiples  Sometimes families all love the same image or idea. Christine can have a painting from the project published as a Giclee print or a small card print run. Price will depend on the size of the printed object, and how many in the edition. 

To lease a painting

Contact Christine directly  to lease an artwork for your office.Costs are calculated according to the retail value of the work/s, the length of the contract and if the work is “rented” or “leased with an option to buy”. Included in the price is a free small-business art-collection check up.

license an image

Contact Christine directly  to lease an image for your book, reproduction idea, or on-line publication. Prices will be in line with current industry standards and will depend on the nature of the reproduction, how many to be printed and its proposed geographic range.