A Sense of Place

Christine Porter "A sense of place" artist made Perspex boxes enclosing in each a pencil drawing and a related found object.

A series of  small pencil drawings on paper (6×6.5cm), installed in artist-made Perspex boxes (14 x21.5 x3cm) each with a found object. Created in conjunction with the 2018 painting series “West of the Barcoo” , and continued through 2019 and 2020.

Artist Statement

Thoughts : History found, gathered and recorded. Artwork that places the artist on-site. About recognising the multiple occupants of a site – those who came before and those treading that path now. About how a viewfinder crops the experience of the great outdoors into neat, manageable shapes, when in reality it’s anything but. How selecting from that 3D experience, translating it into a designed matrix, both implies magnitude of the site, and distills it. 

The Artwork