Australian Shearing Sheds

‘Once were yards’ (detail) 2015

Christine Porter has been making artwork about shearing sheds since 1984, when she was governessing in North Queensland.  As a “serial artist-in-residence” she is invited to sheep and cattle stations all over Queensland and New South Wales to create bodies of artwork that become like a portrait of the place at that time.

Artist Statement

This shearing shed is typical of many that I make artwork about. It was built at a time when the sheep industry carried Australia on its back: when our wool warmed the world. Land use and markets have changed. Often, as the artist, I am the last one in before the bulldozers. My work describes the final shearing, the flock replaced by herd, the loss of respect for an industry that placed the Australian economy on the world stage. I meet people from the cities or coastal fringes and hear their mis-information and mis-understandings about agriculture and grazing. It is a gradual and inevitable amnesia that describes the true balance of power in a country that still needs to feed itself.

This work is not deliberately nostalgic. Its about real people, real places. It’s about how, despite those lifestyles being trivialised by mass media and hijacked by tourism, for so many Australians this is still home.
Christine Porter 2009

Painting projects

A painting of the end of the shearing shed at "Deeargee" Uralla.
The Hundredth Shearing Shed. 2018-2019  The famous shearing shed at”Deeargee”, Uralla. Exhibited in Armidale at NERAM Feb-Mar 2019. 
A section of a painting of an end of a shearing shed. Specifically the shed at Rivington near Blackall. In the background is a tree, horizon and the beginning of a storm over that horizon.
West of the Barcoo 2017 Christine’s main project for 2017. Paintings about three shearing sheds near Blackall in western Queensland.
A painting of the Shearing shed at "Newstead North". It's on a hill, with brown grass and summer sky above.
Painting “Newstead”, 2015-16 This major work about the shed at “Newstead” near Inverell, where Tom Roberts painted “The Golden Fleece”. Exhibited at Inverell Art Gallery Feb-March2017, exhibition entitled”Shadowing Tom”.
'Once were yards'(detail) 2015 watercolour 86x40cmcm Christine Porter
Once were Yards 2015 of a property near Barcaldine in Western Queensland.
'interior with gate' 2014 watercolour 20x20cm Christine Porter
There was a crooked shed 2014  A small series of 11 paintings of an equally small, (but perfectly formed) two stand shearing shed near Inverell, New South Wales.
'gas engine at the pumpshed' 2013 watercolour 20x20cm Christine Porter
Woolshed on the Lachlan 2013 “Gulgo” is a sheep stud near Condobolin on the banks of the Lachlan River. The 50 paintings, nearly twelve month’s work, were first exhibited at an 80th birthday party.
'Sunshine Massey Harris' 2013 watercolour 20x20cm Christine Porter
Old Machinery An ongoing series of paintings and etchings collecting together images Christine has created of discarded, unused or museum-ed machinery. 


A painting of a corrugated Iron shearing shed near the Mole river near Tenterfield. There is much foreground suggesting a road, with the sky that washed out grey that happens on hot summer days.
Curating Memory – Archived works  Some of Christine’s favourite paintings from earlier projects that have been collected into family and corporate collections worldwide

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Exhibition/Competitions that Christine regularly contributes to

(but not every year, and not always just paintings)
Bentley Art Show
Blackall – Heartland festival
Barcaldine – annual art show
Goondiwindi – Aspects Art Show
Inverell Annual Competitive Art Show.
Mitchell – Landmark Art Show
Sydney – Royal Easter Show
Sydney/Gosford – Annual Exhibition Australian Watercolour Institute
Toowoomba- Downlands
Toowoomba Grammar Art Show