Put some Art into your Life

Last blog I wrote about how creativity was everywhere in my daily life. This month however, I want to talk about how to add some actual art to our lives. In real time.

Facebook and You-Tube can feed an art habit, but I firmly believe we need to step away from the phone-screen, and the small-screen, to experience art fully.

It’s not about giving up our day job (even though I did). Even an occasional visit to an art gallery, play or film will make a difference.

What do you like doing as an appreciator of art ?
I’m a visual artist so I like looking at paintings. I love seeing what other artists are creating, even when it’s different than mine. Art galleries are free and often have good cafés too – just saying.

Music may be more interesting to you. Or dance. Or theatre. Or film.
Buy a theatre subscription with a friend, get on your local gallery’s invitation list. What ever your choice: go there. Be part of the experience.

What do you like making as a creator of art?
It doesn’t need to be complicated. Buy a blank journal: draw every day. It really is that simple.

Art classes provide skills, support and company. Weekend courses are a good start. Once you’ve found a teacher or art school that suits, continue – or go back to your personal drawing board if you prefer.

Create your own art community. One Sunday a month a few of us would paint together. We’d sit in a park with a thermos of tea and some cake, and draw. It was just for fun, but those women remain my inner circle of art buddies.

Your art is from you and about you.
It doesn’t matter how “good” you are, how much time you spend, or what artform you’ve chosen, adding some art into your life will make it richer.
This is my promise to you.

Image: Sketchbook pages “Once were Yards” series, Barcaldine. 
First published:
St Carthage’s Community Care Newsletter Winter LIFE 


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