preparing to be the”Tenterfield Traveller”


In June, I’ll be teaching in Tenterfield in northern NSW. I will be the inaugural Tenterfield Traveller Artist in Residence for the Borderline Arts Organisation.

They asked me to put something together and between us we’ve come up with a rather interesting week of activities based on

a) being a traveller and an artist

b) being in tenterfield as an artist and

c)creating artwork about travelling.

To be held from June 14 – 23, we’ve organised it so that people can come for the whole six days or just a few or even half days for that matter.

the program
The first two days are the weekend of the 14th June, a full day watercolour workshop (watercolourists wouldn’t need this day, but it would add to what they already know, and if they already knew it, then I’d push them even further) then the next day is a full day printmaking class (likewise for experienced printmakers: I’d start from where they are). Then the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday consist of stand alone half day and full day classes that will lead into each other never-the-less. These days will concentrate on a series of “traveller challenges” that will take place in Forest to Furniture gallery and the Railway Museum. The sixth day is finishing off and prep for a small exhibition.

We’ll be working small , with finished work for the exhibition being 21x21cm (it’s 21 years since Peter Allen died and this project is part of the town’s Wintersong festival).

I’m looking forward to having all different sorts of artists in the classes, not just people who work in watercolour or printmaking, and at each point there will be easy, middle and hard options so people can choose their degree of challenge. Beginners are welcome, but experienced people will be encouraged to extend themselves.

For those of you who don’t know, Tenterfield is on the northern tablelands, ½ south of the Qld border.

What else should I tell you? I’m really looking forward to it, been a while since I’ve done any new writing so it has been fun.

contact me if you would like more information about this winter painting and drawing holiday- its going to be so much fun on all sorts of levels. I can post or email you the registration form and more details about the individual days’ activities, or you can phone me  and we can talk about what you’d really like to do for the time…

See you there !



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