“Pa’s shed” wins The Inverell Art Prize

I’m thrilled to report that the large watercolour “Pa’s shed’ has won the 2016 Inverell Art Prize. Announced at a function at the Inverell Art Gallery on Saturday night, I’ve been humbled by the number of positive comments on social media. Thank you to the Inverell Art Gallery for putting on such an outstanding show, and thank you for continuing to invite me to take part in this exhibition.
‘Pa’s shed’ 2015 watercolour on paper, 82x 60cm , Christine Porter, Sold private collection . 

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Susan Webster sat across from me at the cafe near the old gallery. She’s an Ag-journalist, but we we weren’t there for work, though we’d talked about her novel, and my paintings and the state of the dairy industry and more. Suddenly she said something about using photos in art. “Wait” she said, as I began, ” let’s record this”. So she did. This is a transcript of what she heard.

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