Shed on the Traprock

Painting of a corrugated Iron Shearing shed in a paddock. Yellowy dried grass in the foreground, spindly saplings to the left, half treed hill behind, with a glowering sky.
Christine Porter "The Shearing Shed in the Rear View Mirror" 2023 watercolour on smooth paper 54x74cm private collection

A series of paintings of one of the shearing sheds on the famed “Traprock” country outside Stanthorpe in South East Queensland, from drawings made in the middle of Covid, just before the wettest summer, the one that would change our lives forever, swept in over the horizon. The work was exhibited at a family private viewing in Stanthorpe November 2023, near enough to two years after Christine crossed the border and spent that creative idyll camped at this shed soaking up its history. My thanks to J. and her family for inviting me to make artwork about this fabulous shed. 

The Artwork

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VIEW the available artwork at Christine’s studio in Lismore – appointments essential via contact page.  In 2024 available artwork will be sent to various art shows and competitions. 

PRICES begin at $350 with the largest most major work priced at $5000. Many of the larger works are between $2000 – $3000
The works are presented unframed but matted and wrapped in cellophane ready to be framed.

TO BUY Contact Christine directly via the contact page for more precise pricing, or to purchase.

LAYBY  Christine is happy to accept laybys – just ask about the terms when you get in touch. She says it’s easier all round for both her and the people who fall in love with a particular work that might be a bit out of their budget at present. 

Very Small Works

The work is presented by size – which mimics the process by which the series was created. I start with the small works as a sort of warm-up. It’s a way to get used to the idiosynchrosies of that particular site. By the time I get to the last few major works, I’m able to “see” the place better, and spend my energy dealing with the vagaries of those works rather than trying to work out what I’m looking at. – Christine 

Prices in this series are between $250 – $400 

Oddly shaped works

I love working within a square shape. Most end up square – some don’t. This collection are the ones from this series that cried out for a more rectangular view. You’ll notice too that there is only one strongly vertical work in this series. This is close to the average for this type of project.  Christine

Prices in this series range from $550 – $2000

Square Works - 16 and 20cm square

“I don’t remember when I first began using standard sizes for paintings. It may have been in 2008 when I returned to the UK to put on an exhibition there, and had all the paintings in my carry on luggage. I remember at that time realising that 14x15cm created a comforting proportion. I now plan many paintings to fit into 20.5 x 20.5cm windows. Some become bigger, some end up more cropped. This size equates to a standard ¼ sheet of watercolour and is manageable at both painting and framing time. 20.5 cm rather than 20? The vagaries of computer mattcutting once made all the spaces a little larger. Because I often re-use mats, I just order more at the peculiar size to make things easier. ” – Christine 

Paintings in this series range from $550 – $1500

Half and Full Sheets

The proportions  of a piece of watercolour paper come from a time before number was automatically decimal. A “full sheet” is  76 x  56cm. Traditionally in watercolour everything is measured as proportions of this – even if paper is bought in blocks or books. The closest in measurement in Imperial sizing to the “elephant”. Consequently “double elephant” is still available with some manufacturers. If you are interested there’s more info about Imperial and international sizings here.

This next collection of images are full sheets (76 x 56cm) and close to. The half sheets which would traditionally be 38 x 56cm, in this collection also include the strongly landscaped half sheet of 76 x 28cm. 

Artwork in this series range from $2000 – $5000 

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