Christine Porter, painter, in front of her woolshed watercolour "Shed from the north"
Christine Porter: Painter

Christine has been a full time professional artist since 1990. Career highlights include election to the Australian Watercolour Institute in 1996, more than one hundred and twenty prizes in competitions, artwork in Australian and international collections. Read more

The Artwork

'Woolshed' 2013 watercolour 66x42cm by Australian artist Christine Porter
Australian Shearing sheds Since 1984 Christine has made artwork about nearly 100 different shearing sheds from Tasmania to Mount Isa. The work is created in series, with as many as 30 paintings being created about each site. Read More
Christine Porter "Lamb" watercolour. A large lamb with a ewe and another lamb. Strong sunlight, yellow grass.
Sheep Cattle and Horses Along the way, Christine has also made artwork about the animals that she comes across on her travels. Read more 
lost-glove-2007-acrylic-on-board-27x21cm-christine-porter An acrylic painting of a single woollen glove lying in the dirt.
Artwork about Ideas Her 2006 Bachelor of Visual Arts university degree has added a theoretical dimension to her art making, and her overseas McGregor Fellowship broadened her practice even more. Work in these series runs alongside her shearing shed art, often being a discussion about rural issues. Read more  

Becoming a full time Artist

In the catalogue essay for her 2001 retrospective exhibition ten years: one thousand paintings, Christine describes looking back trying to find that definitive moment when she became an artist. She writes how it was way before the decision in 1990 to take leave from teaching and go full time. And before her first shearing shed commission in 1984, and before doing art at TAFE in Armidale while she was studying for her first degree, and before her first exhibition in Kempsey, and before high school art and before … and before. So in answer to the question “How did you become an artist Christine?” she replies that she’s always been an artist, that the passion for creating has underlined decisions all her life: both major career moves and those in the everyday.

Read the complete essay ” The artist as autobiographer” (link coming soon)
Buy the exhibition catalogue for ten years: one thousand paintings here 
Read one of Christine’s opinion pieces about being a professional artist 

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Contact Christine directly, some of the paintings on this site have sold, but there is always new work being created.
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Some paintings have been published as greeting cards by her publishing company Full Moon Publications.