Other People’s Treasures, 1995 +

‘Ballet Slippers’ 2003 colour etching 5x5cm Sold out


An ongoing series of etchings, by Australian artist Christine Porter, that explores how everyday objects can anchor abstract thought or feeling to a particular time and place. Autobiographical in nature, the titles create a meditative space that, whilst personal, speak never-the-less of the universal experience.

B1 Moon

Exhibitions:2003, Randolf Galleries, Edinburgh (Solo exhibition)
2001  ‘From the same source‘. Lismore Regional Art Gallery (group exhibition)
Collections: Etchings from this suite have been collected by Mt Isa Shire Council, and private collections worldwide.
Reproductions: Full Moon Publications has published 10 etchings from this series into the card set The Bella Collection. Read more


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selected archive

A few of the etchings from this suite that have sold out.

Ballet Slippers   2003 colour etching approx 5x5cm sold ou
You can get there from here   2006 multi-plate colour etching  5.8 x 6.3 cm sold out
If you’ve landed where you are; that’s where you’re meant to be  2003
Don’t let anyone tell you who you should love  2004 multi plate colour etching 5 x 5.5cm sold out
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t reach it   1995 multi plate colour etching 5 x 5.5cm sold out

Galleries that stock this suite of etchings

Australian city galleries
BrisbaneThe Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill. 07 3368 1442
MelbournePG Printmaker Gallery, 227 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. 03 9417 7087

Regional Australian galleries
Bangalow Barebones Artspace, Byron St.  02 6687 1393
Gladstone (via Kempsey) The Old Lodge Gallery, Kinchela St. 02 6567 4366
Lismore Christine’s studio gallery, (by appointment)
MoreeThe Moree Gallery, The Max Centre, Heber St. 02 67523927

Journey, 2013


In 2013 Christine Porter was invited to take part in an artwork swap exhibition between artists from the Inverell Art Gallery and a gallery in Durham, UK as part of the celebrations surrounding the temporary return of the Lindisfarne Gospels.  image: ‘Journey I’ 2013 multi-plate colour etching 20x60cm

artist statement

‘Journey’ is a body of work inspired by the story of the Lindisfarne Gospels and its journey back from London to the place they were created 500 years earlier. The artwork is 20 x 60cm to represent the proportions of a scroll, one of the oldest book forms known. The image is made up of many small images printed from some of the 140 etching plates  I’ve editioned since I began printmaking. They tell the story of my journey as a printmaker, but are not printed chronologically, thus describing the way memory is itself episodic, organic and multi-layered.  One proof of the edition includes an embossed pattern from some of my grandmother’s crocheting – speaking of certain imposed patterns of time-keeping, but the rest of the edition allowed the layers of images, lost and found, to hold the narrative.
Christine Porter Lismore 2013

printing-journnneyprinting-journey-2013in-the-print-studio-printing-journey1-2013The two pieces that make up this small but complicated series were each editioned to 5. At the time I boasted about the thrill of being able to succeed in editioning a 23 plate etching. It took me days. The world was amazed – well the colour etching world was anyway. It was a wonderful experience to go through all the plates I’d made and put them into a story. It was also more than a little fun to extend my printmaking muscles and take the media to a place where it can.

Journey I was awarded 2nd Prize at the 2013 Royal Easter Show, and sold there. It won first prize at Aspects Art Show in Goondiwindi in 2014 and first prize in the “other media” section at the Barcaldine Art Show that year.Everywhere it was shown, it was admired.

There are none of ‘Journey I’ remaining, and only a few of ‘Journey II’. Contact us if you are interested in seeing these.


‘Journey I’ 2013 multi plate colour etching paper size 20x60cm.
top: ‘Journey i’ bottom: ‘Journey II’ frame-view . Each 23 plate colour etching. paper size 60x20cm