Once were Yards, 2015

'Once were yards'(detail) 2015 watercolour 86x40cmcm Christine Porter
‘Once were yards’ (detail) 2015 watercolour 86x40cm

A series of  30 paintings of the original shearing shed on a property near Barcaldine, Queensland, by Australian artist Christine Porter . Watercolour on paper, 10 cm square up to 82 cm long. Unsold paintings in galleries or at Christine’s studio in Lismore. Please contact us directly for availability, prices or to book a studio visit to see the work in person.

artist statement

I’ve been painting the sheds around Blackall and Barcaldine for almost as long as I’ve been a full-time artist. Since I first travelled there in the early 90’s, I’ve seen the area go from being prized for its wool growing prowess to an area bereft of the sheep, shearers and indeed wool-sheds that made it famous. A number of reasons, they tell me: drought, dogs, wool prices, cattle prices, rising fuel costs, more.

The shed in this project was the original shed on the place, which has been replaced with a new modern shed. But the drought has put paid to any effective shearing this season, or last.

Painting this series was difficult. It was hard to see the drought first decimating the feed, then ravaging it, then crisping it to grey almost before my eyes. Visiting over a twelve month period I found that the extra grass I’d put in (artistic license !) made reality look even more bleak. I know this country can recover from such a drought. I was living in Hughenden in the 1980’s and my memory is of only a few days rain in that two year period. I saw how quickly things changed with those few drops of rain. My hope is that the vague promise of grass and rain that I implied in my paintings reflects reality for this district and others in western Queensland, sooner rather than later.
Christine Porter, Winter 2015

available artwork

Please note that the colour on your screen may not match the actual artwork. Some available framed, others matted. Prices: $500-$4000 To purchase or for more information: contact us by phone or email.

 'Once were yards'(frame view) 2015 watercolour 86x40cm Christine Porter

‘Once were Yards’ 2015, Watercolour on paper, 86x40cm
PRIZES: 2015. Winner Inverell Art Prize 2016: Highly commended, Open section, Royal Easter Show, Sydney.
EXHIBITED: 2016 Australian Watercolour Institute Annual Exhibition Sydney. Singleton Art Show. “Packsaddle Exhibition” NERAM Armidale. Nudgee Art Show, Brisbane.
Currently on show at Christine’s studio in Lismore. 


'Shed with tank' 2015 watercolour 78x16cm Christine Porter

Shed with tank  2015
watercolour on paper 78 x 16.5cm


'Yards' 2015 watercolour 29x27cm Christine Porter

Yards 2015
watercolour on paper 29x27cm
PRIZES: 2016 Highly Commended, Inverell Art Show; 2015 Highly Commended, Blackall


'Concrete steps ' 2015 watercolour 29x27cm Christine Porter

Concrete Steps 2015
watercolour on paper 29 x27cm


'Morning gate' 2015 watercolour 20x20cm Christine Porter

Morning Gate  2015
watercolour on paper 28 x 26.5cm


'Afternoon gate with horizon' 2015 watercolour 30x26cm Christine Porter

Afternoon Gate 2015
watercolour on paper 30 x 26.5cm
Slightly inaccurate colour


'wooltable sketch' 2015 watercolour and body colour 18x19.5cm Christine Porter

Wool table (prep sketch)  2015
watercolour and acrylic on paper 18×19.5cm

'The new shed' 2015 watercolour 37x12cm Christine Porter

The new shed  2015
watercolour on paper 37.5 x 12cm

'From the cradle to the grave' 2015 watercolour 14x15cm Christine Porter

From the cradle to the grave   2015
watercolour on paper 14 x 15cm

selected archive

These paintings have been sold.

'Shed from the yards' 2015 watercolour 69x40cm Christine Porter
From the old yards 2015 watercolour on paper 69 x 26.5cm
'ramp' 2015 watercolour 29x27cm Christine Porter
Ramp 2015 watercolour on paper 29x27cm SOLD private collection
'The end of the shed' 2015 watercolour 14x15cm Christine Porter
The end of the shed  2015 watercolour on paper 14 x 15cm


'Hope' 2015, watercolour 75x55 Christine Porter
Hope  2015 watercolour on paper 75x55cm EXHIBITED: 2015 Blackall Heartland Exhibition. PRIZE: 2015 Overall Best Painting Award. Blackall. Sold Below: framed view

'Hope' frame-view2015 watercolour 75x55cm Christine Porter


'Shed' 2015 watercolour 79x34cm Christine Porter
The Square Window 2015 watercolour on paper 20.5 x 20.5cm Sold


'Shed' 2015 watercolour 79x34cm Christine Porter
North West Shed  2015 watercolour on paper 34x 79cm Sold


'Two taps' (detail) 2015 watercolour 20x20cm Christine Porter
Two Taps  2015 watercolour on paper 20.5×20.5cm  EXHIBITED: 2016 Nudgee Art Show SOLD private collection


'Corrugated iron' 2015 watercolour 29x27cm Christine Porter
Corrugated Iron 2015 watercolour on paper 29x27cm EXHIBITED 2015-16 Australian Watercolour Institute Annual Exhibition. Gosford Regional Gallery; 2016 Toowoomba Grammar Art Show. Sold


'Midday' 2015 watercolour 78x23cm Christine Porter
‘Quarters at midday’ 2015 watercolour 78x23cm Sold
'Quarters at dusk' 2015 watercolour 81x27cm Christine Porter
‘Quarters at dusk’ 2015 watercolour 81x27cm Sold. Highly Commended Aspects Art Show Goondiwindi 2016
'Shed from the east' 2015 watercolour 75x24cm Christine Porter
‘Shed from the east’ 2015 watercolour 75x24cm Sold


'Three stories' 2015 watercolour 55x37cm Christine Porter
Interior with three stories  2015 watercolour on paper 55x37cm Sold


'woolbales' 2015 watercolour 14x15cm Christine Porter
Apothocary  2015 watercolour on paper 8.5 x 9cm Sold
'woolbales' 2015 watercolour 14x15cm Christine Porter
Wool-bales in the new shed  2015 watercolour on paper 14x15cm Sold