Nundubbermere – 2021 Solo Exhibition

I can’t believe we are still in stuck on this Covid merry go round. At the beginning of last year, this note was about my Gympie Regional Gallery exhibition being abandoned moments after it was hung. 

Eighteen months later I’m in Stanthorpe with what is my 40th Solo Exhibition. The exhibition has been hung, but the opening night was limited to visitors from nearby, no-one from Brisbane, the Sunny Coast or Goldie, nor anywhere in NSW. It was a fine night – but I missed by mates who would have yahoo-ed from the back of the crowd, enjoying the celebration as much as the gravitas of the occasion.

My thanks to the staff and volunteers of the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery: a grand effort and spectacular result. My thanks also to the family who have lived on “Nundubbermere” for 5 generations, The Tulloch family  have embraced this whole process, welcoming me and my work wholeheartedly. Thanks to those of you who have lent work back for this exhibition. It gives a more complete view of the project.  

Many of the works in this exhibition have sold. However if there is something there that takes your eye, please contact the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery who will be handling sales until 19th September: 0746811874 , or 

Christine Porter ,
Lismore and Stanthorpe 
August 10, 2020

The Gallery Installation

Scroll through slideshow for installation photos. Thanks to Roslyn Hartwig for the opening night photos. 

Video of Christine walking through her exhibition.

Sketchbook Pages

” I’m drawing what is in front of me. But at the same time I’m noticing my thoughts. I’m remembering the stories the people have passed on to me.

It’s quiet.

I’m thinking about what I’m seeing, not actively thinking – more letting those thoughts land. Every shearing shed is  built for the same purpose, it’s not until that I spent time on-site, sketching,  that each shed’s own particular story becomes apparent.”

Video of Christine talking about her sketchbook pieces. 

Large Works

full sheet sheet of watercolour paper is 76x56cm.  Work in this series is close to this full sheet size, as well as variations on half sheet strongly horizontal, which is one of my preferred formats.  All the large works are framed in white or lime-washed timber frames. 

Click on any image to open slideshow. 

Randomly Shaped Works

Square Works

I like working square, and I like working small. For many artists, even the work in this section would be considered “small work”. For me, I start by drawing up most to fit in a mat 20cm square. Often the image makes other decisions though. The paintings in this series are one of three main sizes – 20x20cm, 25x25cm, 27x29cm, 16x16cm, and one or two ring-ins. Most of these paintings are framed in the custom Perspex frame. 

Click on any image to open slideshow. 

Small Works

These paintings are all 10x10cm, available in either artist-made Perspex frames measuring 19.5 x 21 x 2.3cm, or matted ready for your own frame. 

This format is how I introduce myself to the site. Quickly done, they give me a chance to explore its characteristics more deeply. Each shed is different, sometimes in small ways, others in the architecture or the landscape. For this shed, the view out the woolroom door is striking. This project  became, on one level, about the multiple light sources, including that view west; and on another about the particular  history of this place, told in the ways the family have spent time here.

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