New Zealand trip imminent

The first time I taught at the Inverlochy Art School in Wellington, New Zealand, was sometime in the nineties. I taught watercolour, and I got the job because an artist I knew from western Queensland had moved to Wellington and was interested in the Professional Development that I had just begun to teach. It seemed like a great opportunity to work with some new people.

The second time was in 2012, for their summer school. I taught printmaking that year to a small but enthusiastic class. I love this town.

Early next March I’ll be conducting a two day Master Class for printmakers. The class will be for artist who have some already etched plates, or wish to explore drypoint on found or plastic plates. It will be an extension class concentrating on the many ways to add colour to an already etched plate, but with a small class being anticipated due to midweek timetable, beginning printmakers will be welcome.  Topics will include multi-plate techniques, “dolly” wiping, masking, chine colle, working with found and store-bought plates, and many more.

I am so looking forward to travelling to New Zealand to work in one of my favourite art schools again. Thanks so much for the opportunity. the print studio


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