Juggling is good for your health

Christine Porter Blog Post Nov 1,2017 _Juggling is good for your health _

Except when it isn’t.

Day two in a probably endless series of days when I couldn’t do it without the support of my friends.

Too much to do, far too much to do for this to be a good thing. Getting away with finishing things at the pointy end, in the eleventh hour, in the final moments shouldn’t be allowed. Because you only remember the achievements, not the disorder that comes before and after. And then you start banking on the deadline being closer to midnight and further away from a 5pm finish.

Thank goodness for my wonderful personal trainer, and friend, Bronwyn at BronwynMorton Personal Training and Nutrition who has two half hours each week that are just for me. “How can I help” she asked this morning. “Give me some endorphins” I wanted to reply. She must have heard me. She gave me some treadmill and some weights and some planks. And I got some endorphins.
And now there isn’t too much to do… or it does’t appear to be anyway. (or perhaps it’s that coffee beside me that’s doing the trick).

Thanks to all the women out there who, either deliberately through the business choices they’ve made, or accidentally by just hearing a small cry in the wilderness and responding, support others. It’s vital, even when it’s only a small cry.

Perhaps especially.

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