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I’ve discovered a new way to tell a story

To say that the shape of my world has changed this last few months would be an understatement. It’s the longest I’ve not painted in the thirty something years since I went full time. It’s probably longer actually. The years before I gave up teaching I squeezed in painting around my teaching. The grade one’s loved it. 

In January I had an eye injury that hasn’t really mended to this day, though it is, slowly, improving. Then Covid hit and my exhibition, luckily was made up of work from 2019, was cancelled. That month or so when the nation was in lockdown was a godsend. I rested. Then slowly emerged. Arts Northern Rivers offered a small Covid recovery grant. I won one of the thirteen on offer. I began learning about how to film, edit and present the words pictures and ideas that, in the past needed uncomfortable frequent flyer miles to get to people. 

Then suddenly, if suddenly is the best way to describe nearly three solid months of learning and experimenting and creating, then suddenly I had bodies of work to share.

My YouTube channel is ChristinePorterArtist (I bet you didn’t see that coming!). Pop over and subscribe. I’m really enjoying this mixture of writing and images. I’d love to be able to share them with you as they happen. 

Regionally Speaking

I had in my collection of videos several interviews I’d done with some of my artist friends. So I added to them and learnt all about intro’s and “outro’s”. Yes that is a word! There are six in this series, though at the time of writing, I have yet to finish the episode 1 – about me. 

The Artist's Sketchbooks

As a full time professional artist there are many parts of the process of making artworks that aren’t seen by the general public. My sketchbooks are one of those. This series takes you on a journey through some of the sketchbooks including this one – the learning sketchbook – about how important the sketchbooks were on my trip to Norfolk Island early this year. 

Watercolour Basics

This whole aside into telling stories with moving pictures came about because of the ongoing problems of distance and learning. So many of my students are in isolated places. So much of my time has been spent getting there. I’ve been thinking about creating an on-line platform for my teaching for as long as the internet has existed. Really, when you think about it, books were just an early form of pdf’s: tape recordings were just like podcasts. It’s not that new…

The Watercolour Basics videos have turned out to be a giant body of work. It’s been wonderful to create and translate that 30+ years of teaching and painting into something accessible to a larger audience. Within the next month or so I’ll have the first series ready to upload. It’s called From Drawing to Painting – without a pencil drawing in sight. Or something like that anyway. It’s a four week challenge, mainly aimed at people who are already painting. But it could work for anyone who was prepared to put the time in. It doesn’t have the attention to detail that other half-written elements of other Watercolour Basics classes have. 

CP News

It was when I began to look at the various short videos that I’d already made that I realised that I’d been skirting around the edges of this media for as long as I’d had an i-phone. This series of short videos are simply news items that have been made and placed webside as part of the ongoing narrative of my practice. 

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