Christine Porter Blog Post Nov 2,2017 _I'll never get to Caroona at this rate

I’ll never get to Caroona at this rate.

When I started working with the accounting program Quickbooks, my book-keeper and I would joke about how we wouldn’t need to do too many Sudoku each day to keep my brain in practice against ageing. We had quickbooks. Logical, ordered, sensible: it still took a lot of working out. (Day three of being thankful to the women who support me. Call out here to Lea Pasin from Chiaro Services  who keeps the numbers on the straight and narrow)

Then I got WordPress. I love WordPress. But each new widget and  every other thing means a whole new list of things to do. Don’t get me wrong, I like using my brain, but I’m missing my daily Sudoku. And the old people’s home here, Caroona, is quite nice.

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