How noticing what’s around you can change your world.

Photo of a tent with the words "How noticing what's around you can change your world" then a webaddress

And it all happened because when I stepped out of my tent, in the caravan park that morning in Armidale, I noticed that the yellow van was parked there again. In exactly the same spot I’d noticed it the year before.

So I said hello to the nice looking couple who were eating their breakfast in that brisk morning air.
And the rest, as they say, is history.

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A painting by Christine Porter of the view across a blue bay to hills with Norfolk Islan pines on it. Overlaid are the words "The 35 things I Learnt" and the web address

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When I said that I was going to go Norfolk Island as a student, more than one person asked why. “But you already know how to paint” they said. “But you’re a professional artist” they said.

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