How many words does it take to have an exhibition ?

It’s February the 1st.

In a little over three weeks I’ll be on my way to Inverell with paintings, perspex boxes and drypoint etchings ready to hang and launch this body of work that has been YEARS in the making.
I remember when I first moved here from western Qld, how one of my fellow uni students, a girl barely nineteen, saying to me “it’s not just about the painting is it?” In  a word no.

How many words then?
An article in the Border Living magazine in December, the Australian Artist last month, and this month there’s the story in a prestigious digital magazine called “Verandah” based in Bangalow near Byron Bay. Thanks to Candida Baker for giving me the opportunity to tell this story, I’m thrilled you thought it a story worth telling. No doubt there’ll be other opportunities : but this is one I can share today.

Christine Porter: Shadowing Tom Roberts


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