Formerly “Belah”

A painting by Christine Porter of an old corrugated iron shearing shed surrounded by grey/green trees.
“Exterior with loading ramp” 2019 Watercolour 76x26cm Sold

Paintings about the shearing shed, and other buildings, at “Bundanoon” Texas, formerly “Belah”.

These paintings were created from a series of photos and quick sketches made in May 2018, which were then completed in my studio in Lismore.

Photographing artwork. Ideally the paintings would all be photographed in controlled studio conditions. This has not happened with this series, which were photographed over several days as they were completed. Consequently some have a blue cast and some an orange. I’m happy to send you other files of any painting, if you’d like. And if you do end up with an artwork that is too different from what you anticipated I’m happy to accept it back.

To Purchase an Artwork

Contact me directly by phone or email here.
Some of these works have sold, some are in galleries and art shows around the country. Some are in my studio in Lismore.

Prices. $350 -$3500 depending on the size, framed state and exhibition situation.

Small Paintings

At the beginning of a project I start working with very small paintings. This gives me a chance to investigate what is really there. Every shed is different, and I’ve learnt that if I throw myself into the major works too soon, I make mistakes. Many in this first series are 10x10cm, some a little larger.

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A standard size of 20x20cm

This is a size that I enjoy working to. It frames up nicely and it’s both big and small enough to live domestically and in a gallery situation. I start most paintings to fit this size, though not every one stays that way – sometimes the work expands beyond the original plan.

Randomly sized works

These are some that were planned to be a particular size, then kept demanding more space. I always draw up onto a page much bigger than I think I’m going to need.
The last one in this series, you’ll see by its title, was almost too big for the page it was painted on. The front of the little shed is in a 20×20 mat, but the photo was inaccurately cropped

Larger works

Most watercolour paper is 76x56cm. These paintings are all almost as long as is possible, and some as high.

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