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The February issue of the Australian Artist magazine is released in the third week of January. The deadline for the article I wrote for it was December 19 – the day I was to leave for my annual Christmas holiday with my family. A family holiday that this year was going to include writing a piece for a French watercolour magazine. It didn’t happen until i’d returned and could get my head around words again. The December issue of the Goondiwindi glossy magazine Border Living was part of the Christmas present I gave my family.

It’s been a big few months of writing.
It’s been worth it, though I’m happy to have sent the final piece off last Monday. The French watercolour magazine – where my story has been translated into FRENCH – and the digital magazine “Verandah” which has 1500 of my best words yet, have yet to be published.

Does it help my art practice, all this writing? Does the time it take, take away from my painting time?
Yes and yes. It clears my mind and sharpens my words and rests my eyes, and tightens my enthusiasm for the studio.
I’m a long way from calling myself a writer, but there’s something really nice about the process of getting something written down, concisely,  telling the story behind the picture.

Australian Artist Feb2017 (10 second movie of the pages of the Australian Artist feature)

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