Drawing wins Prize

My long term friends and followers know of my commitment to supporting the Aspects Art Show attached to the Goondiwindi P&A Show, held each May. This year I had no major works to send – 2020 being as it was. Instead I decided to send what I had been working on. A piece from my almost daily sketching  habit that had grown from monthly  in 2019,  until by mid 2020  it had become a daily obsession.

This work from a trip to Toonumbar Dam near Kyogle last August,  was made out in the kayak, with my buddies kayaking back towards me. (The video shows me doing this actual drawing).

At another time I’ll talk about the challenges of painting in a moving craft, and how much fun it is. One day I’ll write more about how entering competitions isn’t about the BEST painting winning, and about how to build in more success if you decide to go down this road. 

I’m honoured that the judge gave it an award in the drawing prize, but mainly I want to recognise the committee of volunteers who run this excellent art show. 
It has been the making of me.

All sorts of major milestones belong to this show – this year it was about sharing of what is normally my private art practice. I am the artist I have become because of the annual opportunity to share.
Your volunteering has ramifications far beyond your own community.

"A year of painting daily . August 30, 2021 Toonumbar Dam" Pen and watercolour Collection of the artist.

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