Curating Memory - Archived Works

'Bucket' 2016 watercolour and body colour 9x9cm (Did this win a prize at Gundy, where I'm sure it sold. Memory, don't abandon me, you fickle thing)

Each painting, in its life, moves through the arc of inspiration, perspiration, appreciation, until it end up on a wall somewhere. Or not. There’s at least one artwork from each series that I seriously consider not selling. Those particular ones I make sure go to really good homes, on the proviso that I can visit. In my spare bedroom, on top of the wardrobe, is a small collection of paintings that were never sold. Don’t tell anyone !

In reality, once the paintings leave here I seldom see them again. Sometimes I’m visiting friends and see one of my paintings in their collection. There’s a startling shock of familiarity. It’s like seeing an old friend. I want to stop and chat and find out how the years have been for them, and share mine. 

Painting is a very personal thing. The time I spend on-site, and in the studio  feeds a relationship to a particular place. But in a world where technological transience is de rigour – not for nothing do we have “Insta-gram” – whole bodies of work recorded on web-pages can disappear with the click of a mouse. I’m in charge of the mouse clicks in my house, but for all the need for editorial alertness, I don’t want to forget the time spent on a project. This practice of mine is not about record and forget. It’s about remembering. Remembering place, places as well as the people I met and time I spent there.  

This collection isn’t a crafted archive – it’s curated with a certain randomness. Like memory itself, it will negotiate the past as it sees fit. And like memory, permanence is only ever a tick-tock mouse-click away from delete.

Spare Paintings

Mainly I work in series, but occasionally a painting calls out to be created. These are some of those single paintings that have all, now been sold into private or corporate collections. 

2015 "Once Were Yards" Barcaldine

Artist Statement: 
Painting this series was difficult. It was hard to see the drought first decimating the feed, then ravaging it, then crisping it to grey almost before my eyes. Visiting over a twelve month period I found that the extra grass I’d put in (artistic license !) made reality look even more bleak. I know this country can recover from such a drought. I was living in Hughenden in the 1980’s and my memory is of only a few days rain in that two year period. I saw how quickly things changed with those few drops of rain. My hope is that the vague promise of grass and rain that I implied in my paintings reflects reality for this district and others in western Queensland, sooner rather than later.


‘Once were Yards’ 2015, Watercolour on paper, 86x40cm
PRIZES: 2018 Casino Beef Week Award 2015. Winner Inverell Art Prize 2016: Highly commended, Open section, Royal Easter Show, Sydney.
EXHIBITED: 2016 Australian Watercolour Institute Annual Exhibition Sydney. Singleton Art Show. “Packsaddle Exhibition” NERAM Armidale. Nudgee Art Show, Brisbane.


'Wire and tin II' 2011 watercolour 26x26cm Christine Porter wire and tin II    2011 watercolour on paper   26 x 25 cm sold[/caption]

'Door' 2011 Watercolour 42x42cm Christine Porter
Door‘ 2011 watercolour on paper   42 x 42cm acquired by the Casino RSM Club



'The red door' 2012 watercolour 51x39cm Christine Porter
the red door  2012 watercolour on paper 51×39 cm SOLD private collection Qld Finalist: The John Villiers Waltzing Matilda Outback Art Show 2012 Winton Qld Judge’s comments:  A beautifully simple painting of cleverly proportioned shapes and a wonderfull repetition of subtly varied horizontal and vertical lines. The strong diagonals above and below the door draw the eye in to the focal point where the warm colour and strong tonal contrast hold attention. The dark areas of shadow in the painting have been painted in a cool blue/grey to give impact to the subdued red of the door. These dark areas are broken up with small patches of warm brown, linking the red door to the rest of the painting. Looking closely at the work reveals a looseness in the brushwork that suggests the worn patina of a well used shed. This provides an interesting contrast to the almost photographic quality of the painting when viewed from a distance. John Lovett Winton 2011
'wire and tin I' 2011 watercolour 27x25cm Christine Porter
wire and tin I 2011 watercolour on paper 26x25cm Sold


from the back door‘ 2014 watercolour approx 80x50cm. sold
‘wash basin‘ 2014 watercolour 16x16cm . sold
keys hanging‘ 2014 watercolour approx 12x8cm.Sold
slab built 2014 watercolour approx 45x38cm Sold
tap‘ 2014 watercolour and body colour, approx 17x17cm. sold. available as a blank greeting card
‘the yards‘ 2014 watercolour approx 76x56cm ‘Sold. won The Inverell Art Prize 2014
In the wild New England Ranges‘ 2014 (slightly different ccrop than final framed version)wateroclour approx 75x45cm. Sold
Christine Porter 'The Original House' 2014 Watercolour on paper (framed view) 45x16cm Sold
Christine Porter ‘The Original House’ 2014 Watercolour on paper (framed view) 45x16cm Sold
'Pa's Shed ‘Pa’s Shed” 2015 Watercolour 84x35cm Christine Porter. won The Inverell Art Prize 2016. Sold[/caption


artist statement

Smaller sheds as well as the more substantial sheds attract me. This small shed, in all it’s two-stand glory, is just as interesting as some of the bigger sheds I work in. It’s  both shearing shed and store room – a shed in use. For all the rickety nature of the leaning posts and the temporary fencing, it is this sort of shed that makes me smile as I come in the gate and see it there, guarding the entrance: a dowager who’s finery is still evident despite its lean-to appearance. Christine Porter Inverell 2014

available artwork

Please note that the colour on your screen may not match the actual artwork. There is only one paintings left from this series.  To purchase, or for more information, contact us by phone or email.


'interior with gate' 2014 watercolour 20x20cm Christine Porter
gate 2014 watercolour on paper 20x20cm Currently framed
'Interior with gate' frameview2014 watercolour 20x20cm Christine Porter
‘gate’ – alternative photograph


selected archive

This is a selection of  the paintings from this series that have sold.

'Shed on the way out' 2014 watercolour 52x21cm Christine Porter
Shed on the way out’ 2014 watercolour on paper 52x21cm. Sold
'Shed on the way out with hayshed' 2014 watercolour 34x20cm Christine Porter
‘Shed with hayshed‘  2014 watercolour on paper 34 x 20cm. Sold


'There was a crooked shed' 2014 watercolour 72x40cm Christine Porter
There was a crooked shed’ 2014 watercolour on paper 72 x 40 cm approx .Sold Exhibited: ‘Shadowing Tom’ Exhibition Inverell 2017
'There was a crooked shed' (detail) Christine Porter
Alternative photo of “There was a crooked shed”


Interior with “skylight “ 2014 watercolour on paper 36 x 38 cm Prize: First prize watercolour section, Aspects Art Show Goondiwindi 2015. Sold
‘The wool-table’  2014 watercolour on paper . approx size 38x36xm Exhibited: Australian Watercolour Institute Annual Exhibition. Gosford Regional Gallery Dec2015-Jan2016; Nudgee Art Show 2016. Sold
'interior with oil can' 2014 watercolour 20x20cm Christine Porter
‘Interior with oilcan’ 2014 watercolour on paper 20.5 x 20.5 cm. Sold

The Corrugated Iron Shed – 2013
artist statement

the road inthe artist at workshade work
“Each place I travel to has a different feel. It’s important to spend the time truly investigating each one… and the best way is by sitting down with a nice cup of tea, a sketch-pad and enough time to sit still and listen. Even though it takes me another three months in the studio, it is here, on site, that the creativity kicks in and the project is designed. I love being on site, recording what I see and feel and I love taking those beginnings back home with me. It’s always a shock when I return 6 months later and see the shed again in real life. I realise that I know it, but not completely. I often wonder how the project would be different if I had time to start it all again from this moment”.

Guest Blogger:  Christine was invited to guest blog for  Australian novelist Nicole Alexander. Paintings from this series featured in her article. Read Christine’s guest blog

Available Artwork

After paintings from this series being included in Christine’s 2017 exhibition Shadowing Tom, in the painting collection “In Tom’s Shadow” there are very few paintings left from this series. Contact Christine if you are interested in any of them.

'From above the shed' 2013 watercolour 38x19cm Christine Porter
From above‘ 2013 watercolour on paper 38x19cm



'round bales' 2013 watercolour 14x15 Christine Porter
Round bales‘ 2013 watercolour on paper 14x15cm



'trolley and tin' 2013 watercolour 14x15cm
Trolley and tin‘ 2013 watercolour on paper 14x15cm



selected archive

These paintings have all  sold

'The tidy Shed' 2013 watercolour 76x56cm Christine Porter
The tidy shed 2013 watercolour on paper 83x64cm  Sold

“This became one of the key paintings of this series. I began the painting at that stand in the middle of the board through the pens, in the middle of the painting, and worked out from there. Photographing the process there was a point when I realised that it felt somewhat akin to alchemy – turning a blank piece of paper into something special with just some daubs of coloured water”.
PRIZE: Winner Watercolour section, Aspects Art Show Goondiwindi 2014


'two tanks' 2013 watercolour 76x40 Christine Porter
‘two tanks’ 2013 watercolour on paper approx 76 x 40cm Sold



'tank' 2013 watercolour 76x56cm Christine Porter
tank‘ 2013 watercolour on paper 74 x 54cm Exhibited: Australian Watercolour Institute Annual Exhibition Dec2013-Jan14 Gosford Regional Gallery. Sold



'Woolshed' 2013 watercolour 66x42cm Christine Porter
‘the shed’ 2013 watercolour on paper 66 x 42cm. Sold


'Western view' 2013 watercolour 70x26cm Christine Porter
‘western view’ 2013 watercolour on paper 70.5 x 26.5 cm



'Storm at the shed' 2013 watercolour 69x38cm Christine Porter
storm at the woolshed‘ 2013 watercolour on paper 69 x 38 cm



'Backlit shed ' 2013 watercolour 62x15cm Christine Porter
backlit shed‘ 2013 watercolour on paper  62.5 x 15.5 cm. Sold



'western awning;western shade' 2013 watercolour approx 62x15cm Christine Porter
western awning‘ – shade 2013 watercolour on paper 62.5 x 15.5 cm. Sold
'the tractor from before the flood' 2013 watercolour 14x15cm Christine Porter
The tractor from before the flood‘ 2013 watercolour on paper 14x15cm


Woolshed on the Lachlan 2013


Most of the paintings that have been sold into private collections Australia-wide: contact Christine if you are interested in seeing an up-to-date photo of the couple that are still available (Christine has worked on them since they were first exhibited/photographed. There is one in particular of the northern wall of the shed, that was exhibited in her 2017 Inverell exhibition which is still available)
The series Ten Windows was also created as part of this project. Here are two from that series.


“Ten Windows V” 2013 watercolour on paper sold


“Ten windows I’ 2013 watercolour on paper 21x21cm available
'interior' 2013 watercolour 76x56cm Christine Porter


‘interior’ 2013 watercolour 76×56 sold
'looking west to teh weathershed' 2013 watercolour 52x38cm Christine Porter


looking west to the weathershed‘ 2013 watercolour 52x38cm Sold
'looking across' 2013 watercolour 31x33cm Christine Porter


‘looking across’ 2013 watercolour. sold
'In the paddock ' 2013 watercolour 27x8cm Christine Porter


In the paddock’ 2013 watercolour 27x8cm Sold
'the board' 2013 watercolour 28x20cm Christine Porter


‘the board‘ 2013 watercolour 28x20cm. Sold


'three brooms' 2013 watercolour approx 38x43cm Christine Porter


three brooms‘ 2013 watercolour approx 38x43cm. sold
'two brooms' 2013 watercolour 38x43 Christine Porter


‘two brooms’ 2013 watercolour 38×43. sold
'the side of the brick oven' 2013 watercolour 20x20cm Christine Porter


‘the side of the brick oven’ 2013 watercolour 20x20cm. sold


'shed from hear the hayshed' 2013 watercolour 31x91cm Christine Porter


‘shed from hear the hayshed’ 2013 watercolour 31x91cm. sold
'reflecting history' 2013 watercolour 22x82 Christine Porter


reflecting history’ 2013 watercolour 22×82. sold
'pumpshed through the trees' 2013 watercolour 32x46cm Christine Porter


‘pumpshed through the trees’ 2013 watercolour 32x46cm. sold
'Pumpshed at Gulgo' 2013 watercolour 29x45cm Christine Porter


‘Pumpshed at Gulgo’ 2013 watercolour 29x45cm. Sold
'pump shed past the gate' 2013 watercolour 21x22cmChristine Porter


‘pump shed past the gate’ 2013 watercolour 21x22cm. sold
'gas engine at the pumpshed' 2013 watercolour 20x20cm Christine Porter


‘gas engine at the pumpshed’ 2013 watercolour 20x20cm. sold. Published as blank greeting card
'dunny' 2013 watercolour 12x13cm Christine Porter


‘dunny’ 2013 watercolour 12x13cm.sold
'Corrugated Iron gate ' 2013 watercolour approx 45x 38cmcm Christine Porter


‘Corrugated Iron gate ‘ 2013 watercolour approx 45x 38cm. sold
'connected connnecting' 2013 watercolour 45x39cm Christine Porter


‘connected connnecting’ 2013 watercolour 45x39cm. sold.
'backlit gate' 2013 watercolour 34x28cm Christine Porter


‘backlit gate’ 2013 watercolour 34x28cm. sold Published as blank greeting card.
'coke can rattle' 2013 acrylic on canvas14x14cm Christine Porter


‘coke can rattle’ 2013 acrylic on canvas14x14cm. sold

Ten Windows, 2013


A series of paintings created as part of the Woolshed on the Lachlan series of “Gulgo” near Condobolin in the central-west of New South Wales, Australia, by Australian artist Christine Porter . Watercolour on paper – mostly 21.5×21.5cm. Unsold paintings in galleries or at Christine’s studio in Lismore. Please contact us directly for availability, prices or to book a studio visit to see the work in person.

artist statement

Painting a particular place results in a series of works that is to be expected: some exterior paintings on the woolshed, some interiors etc. However as I’m drawing and painting on site, usually there is a pattern of something else that gets my attention. At “Gulgo” that winter, it was the windows. There were more than the ten I ended up including in this series. It was a wonderful subject, that I will no doubt return to. Christine Porter, Winter 2013

available artwork

Please note that the colour on your screen may not match the actual artwork. Some available framed, others matted. Prices: $400-$1000 To purchase or for more information: contact us by phone or email.

'ten windows I' 2013 watercolour 21.5x21.5 Christine Porter
ten windows I 2013 watercolour 21.5×21.5cm
'ten windows II' 2013 watercolour 21.5x21.5 Christine Porter
ten windows II 2013 watercolour 21.5×21.5cm
'ten windows IV' 2013 watercolour 21.5x21.5 Christine Porter
ten windows IV 2013 watercolour 21.5×21.5cm









'ten windows V' 2013 watercolour 21.5x21.5 Christine Porter
ten windows V 2013 watercolour 21.5×21.5cm SOLD


'ten windows VI' 2013 watercolour 21.5x21.5 Christine Porter
ten windows VI 2013 watercolour 21.5×21.5cm
'ten windows IX' 2013 watercolour 21.5x21.5 Christine Porter
ten windows IX‘ 2013 watercolour 21.5×21.5cm


selected archive

These paintings have been sold into private and corporate collections Australia-wide.

'ten windows III' 2013 watercolour 21.5x21.5 Christine Porter
‘ten windows III‘ 2013 watercolour 21.5×21.5cm SOLD
'ten windows VIII' 2013 watercolour 21.5x21.5 Christine Porter
‘ten windows VIII‘ 2013 watercolour 21.5×21.5cm SOLD
'ten windows VII' 2013 watercolour 21.5x21.5 Christine Porter
‘ten windows VII’ 2013 watercolour 21.5×21.5cm SOLD
'ten windows XI' 2013 watercolour 21.5x21.5 Christine Porter
‘ten windows XI’ 2013 watercolour approx 25×21.5cm SOLD

Favourites – sold but not forgotten

A collection of paintings by Australian artist Christine Porter. These are some of Christine’s favourite shearing shed paintings  have been sold into private, public and corporate collections world-wide. This collection includes some of the paintings of other sheds on the property that were included in the suite of paintings that became like a portrait of the place at that time. Many of them were created as part of major commissions for families across rural Australia. More details on how to commission artwork.


In the Shed 2012

The tobacco barns 2012 watercolour 14x15cm. sold
‘uphill shed’ 2012 watercolour 14x15cm. Sold
‘ the pepper trees near the shed‘ 2012 watercolour 57x18cm. Sold

Slab Hut  2015

‘Hanging things‘ 2015 watercolour 15×15. Sold


‘The other end of the shed’ 2015 Watercolour 14×15. Sold

Spare 2011-2013

'Door' 2011 Watercolour 42x42cm Christine Porter
Door’ 2011 watercolour 42x42cm Sold. Won Casino RSM award Bentley Art Show2011. Collection of the Casino RSM
'The red door' 2012 watercolour 51x39cm Christine Porter
the red door‘ 2012 watercolour 51x39cm Finalist: The John Villiers Waltzing Matilda Outback Art Show 2012. Sold
The old shop 2011 watercolour 23x22cm Sold
‘painted tin‘ 2011 watercolour 68x24cm sold


On the banks of the Gwydir  2012

woolshed 2012 watercolour 49×17 sold
up three steps‘ 2012 watercolour 61×45 sold
‘Interior’ 2012 watercolour 69x53cm. sold

Tankstand 2011 – 2012 

‘Tankstand” 2011 watercolour 32x34cm . sold
The dip crush‘ 2011 watercolour 14x15cm. sold
100 year old hardwood trough‘ 2011 watercolour. 14x15cm. Sold









The old dip‘ 2011 watercolour. 57x26cm. Sold
'Hayshed' 2011 watercolour 46x30cm. Sold
‘Hayshed’ 2011 watercolour 46x30cm. Sold
'Lead ropes down at the cattle yard' 2011 watercolour. featured in The Australian Artist magazine. sold
Lead ropes down at the cattle yard‘ 2011 watercolour. featured in ‘The Australian Artist magazine’. exhibition’Tradition and Transformation: Taiwan-Australia Watercolour’, Sydney and Taiwan 2012. sold


The North Star Project, 2011

Trenayr, project title, 2010

West of Tenterfield 2009-10

soldnotes: one of the invitation images for down the Mole exhibition, Tenterfield, 2010
First prize watercolour section, 2011 Aspects Art Show, Goondiwindi
First prize traditional section, 2011 Art Show, Barcaldine

Morven, 2008-9


wool basket
watercolour on paper
private collection – soldnote: used as one of the invitation images for Wattle Rose and Thistle; the finest watercolourists of Australia, England and Scotland Wollongong City Art Gallery, Wollongong 2010