Corrugated Iron Shed, 2013

'Backlit shed ' 2013 watercolour 62x15cm Christine Porter
Backlit shed’ 2013 watercolour on paper 15.5 x 62.5 cm (sold private collection)

A series of  paintings of a small shed near Tenterfield, in northern New South Wales, by Australian artist,Christine Porter . Watercolour on paper various sizes.  Unsold paintings in galleries or at Christine’s studio in Lismore. Please contact us directly for availability, prices or to book a studio visit to see the work in person.

artist statement

the road inthe artist at workshade work
“Each place I travel to has a different feel. It’s important to spend the time truly investigating each one… and the best way is by sitting down with a nice cup of tea, a sketch-pad and enough time to sit still and listen. Even though it takes me another three months in the studio, it is here, on site, that the creativity kicks in and the project is designed. I love being on site, recording what I see and feel and I love taking those beginnings back home with me. It’s always a shock when I return 6 months later and see the shed again in real life. I realise that I know it, but not completely. I often wonder how the project would be different if I had time to start it all again from this moment”.

Guest Blogger:  Christine was invited to guest blog for  Australian novelist Nicole Alexander. Paintings from this series featured in her article. Read Christine’s guest blog

Available Artwork

After paintings from this series being included in Christine’s 2017 exhibition Shadowing Tom, in the painting collection “In Tom’s Shadow” there are very few paintings left from this series. Contact Christine if you are interested in any of them.

'From above the shed' 2013 watercolour 38x19cm Christine Porter
From above‘ 2013 watercolour on paper 38x19cm



'round bales' 2013 watercolour 14x15 Christine Porter
Round bales‘ 2013 watercolour on paper 14x15cm



'trolley and tin' 2013 watercolour 14x15cm
Trolley and tin‘ 2013 watercolour on paper 14x15cm



selected archive

These paintings have all  sold

'The tidy Shed' 2013 watercolour 76x56cm Christine Porter
The tidy shed 2013 watercolour on paper 83x64cm  Sold

“This became one of the key paintings of this series. I began the painting at that stand in the middle of the board through the pens, in the middle of the painting, and worked out from there. Photographing the process there was a point when I realised that it felt somewhat akin to alchemy – turning a blank piece of paper into something special with just some daubs of coloured water”.
PRIZE: Winner Watercolour section, Aspects Art Show Goondiwindi 2014


'two tanks' 2013 watercolour 76x40 Christine Porter
‘two tanks’ 2013 watercolour on paper approx 76 x 40cm Sold



'tank' 2013 watercolour 76x56cm Christine Porter
tank‘ 2013 watercolour on paper 74 x 54cm Exhibited: Australian Watercolour Institute Annual Exhibition Dec2013-Jan14 Gosford Regional Gallery. Sold



'Woolshed' 2013 watercolour 66x42cm Christine Porter
‘the shed’ 2013 watercolour on paper 66 x 42cm. Sold


'Western view' 2013 watercolour 70x26cm Christine Porter
‘western view’ 2013 watercolour on paper 70.5 x 26.5 cm



'Storm at the shed' 2013 watercolour 69x38cm Christine Porter
storm at the woolshed‘ 2013 watercolour on paper 69 x 38 cm



'Backlit shed ' 2013 watercolour 62x15cm Christine Porter
backlit shed‘ 2013 watercolour on paper  62.5 x 15.5 cm. Sold



'western awning;western shade' 2013 watercolour approx 62x15cm Christine Porter
western awning‘ – shade 2013 watercolour on paper 62.5 x 15.5 cm. Sold
'the tractor from before the flood' 2013 watercolour 14x15cm Christine Porter
The tractor from before the flood‘ 2013 watercolour on paper 14x15cm