PO Box 7331 Lismore Heights, NSW, 2480 Australia

Studio/Gallery Visits

Visit to Christine’s studio/gallery in East Lismore to see her paintings, etchings, prints and cards, as well as printmaking demonstrations. Because this is a working studio however, there may be times when Christine is unavailable for visits. Please phone or email in advance if you would like a studio tour or gallery visit.

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Hi Everyone
I’ve just found out that my general contact form isn’t working. I’ll sort that but it might take a minute.

I’ve deleted it for now. 
So if you need to get in contact, please send me an SMS  0407170471  and I’ll phone you straight back.
Or subscribe in the form above (which is working) through the SUBSCRIBE link,  and I’ll check in and contact you back through that. (Then unsubscribe you, if you want). 
Many thanks, Talk soon