Choosing the colour of envelopes

When my graphic designer (Carleen Imlach from Evoke Design) first began designing The Bella Collection we knew that what we had was something special. As artworks – small multi-plate colour etchings- they were already very popular: as greeting cards, printed to the highest standard, they had even more potential to be a favourite.

We chose from the Stardream  and Curious  paper stock for the envelopes, feeling that the sparkly patina of these precious items added a certain degree of sparkle to the object.

It was years before we felt we needed to add to the colours we’d selected when we first designed them. This year we’ve added Stardream Fairway, Stardream Ruby and Stardream Jupiter to the collection. We feel that the new colours revitalise the collection, without detracting from the integrity of the original artwork.bella-collection-cards-300x226

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