What Makes Good Art

I have a secret for you. There is no such thing as “good” art. There’s only art that is good for you. Today.And the art that is good for you today, may not suit tomorrow. In the 30 something years I’ve spent as a full-time artist, I’ve had opportunities to write and speak about many…

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Art has an end point too

Previously I’ve written about how to start a creative project. This article is about the other end of creativity – after the inspiration, and past the perspiration. How finishing a project has its own place in the process and why it’s important.

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What is Art?

In it’s simplest form, Art is about making things. Usually that means paintings, sculptures, photographs etc each with their own skill set. In my opinion art includes everyday creativity as well. Crafts such as sewing, embroidery, scrapbooking, stonecutting or leatherwork are part of the art world, and activities like cooking, i-phone photography, gardening and flower-arranging…

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Picking up Shiny Objects

Being an artist isn’t just starting at the beginning and moving forward in steady measured steps. (Though it can be, if that’s how you are). For me it’s a pattern of learning to notice what I’m attracted to, and running with that idea for as long as it takes.

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Put some Art into your Life

Last blog I wrote about how creativity was everywhere in my daily life. This month however, I want to talk about how to add some actual art to our lives. In real time.

Facebook and You-Tube can feed an art habit, but I firmly believe we need to step away from the phone-screen, and the small-screen, to experience art fully.

It’s not about giving up our day job (even though I did). Even an occasional visit to an art gallery, play or film will make a difference.

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