British Sheep Breeds

Scottish Blackface‘ 2009 watercolour on paper. Exhibited Annual Exhibition Australian Watercolour Institute. 2009 Sold

installation-view-toowoomba-regional-gallery-jan-2008A series of watercolour paintings of some of the British breeds of sheep by Australian artist, Christine Porter, created from her 2007 McGregor Fellowship UK trip. Exhibited: Toowoomba Regional Gallery, Jan 2008; The  Moree Gallery, April 2008 and at the Royal Highland Show, Edinburgh, June 2008 – where Christine was the official guest international artist of the National Sheep Association.

artist statement

(excerpt from exhibition catalogue) “The seven day Hadrian’s Wall walk , from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the east to the Solway Firth in the west, is 165 km, and crosses land farmed for more than two thousand years. The pattern of fields of improved pasture, grazing the ovine and the docile, fenced and hedged and walled, seemed repeated all over the UK; not once in the three months of my trip was I out of sight of fence or house or town. My walk became inevitably a meditation on both Roman and British colonisation and led me to consider those patterns of repeated emigration within my own family that placed me, suddenly, where my ancestors had been re-placed from…This series of paintings, individual sheep that stand in for all the once native elements of this once wild place, describes how generations, nay, tens-of-thousands of generations of invaders, landholders and city-dwellers have subjugated the wild there, resulting in the land as a palimpsest; native stock as exotic and a people tucked safely away in their houses, warm and protected from “nature”. 
Christine Porter  Toowoomba 2008 


All the paintings from this series have sold, however they created such interest that  Christine and the web-designers decided to keep the page up. A small multi-plate colour etching inspired by this series is still in edition. The sheep card set  continues to be a favourite.

'Lamb' 2008 multiplate colour etching. some avalability
‘Lamb’ 2008 multiplate colour etching. more information 
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selected archive

This is a small collection of the work from this series which has sold into private collections in Australia and the UK. Contact Christine if you have a breed of sheep you’d like her to see. Please note, colour may vary from what you see.

'Feeding time' 2007 watercolour. Sold
Feeding time’ 2007 watercolour. Sold
'Farmer' 2008 watercolour. Sold
Farmer’ 2008 watercolour. Sold
'Beatrix Potter's Herdwicks' 2007. watercolour. Sold
Beatrix Potter’s Herdwicks‘ 2007. watercolour. Sold
'Penned Sheep' 2007 watercolour. sold
‘Penned Sheep‘ 2007 watercolour. sold
'Scottish blackface and twins' 2008 . watercolour. Sold
Scottish Blackface and twins‘ 2008 . watercolour. Sold
'Welsh Badger-Faced sheep' 2008 watercolour. sold
Welsh Badger-Faced sheep‘ 2008 watercolour. sold
'Paddock Leicester' 2008 watercolour. Sold
‘Paddock Leicester’ 2008 watercolour. Sold
'The Wensleydales of Cheedle' 2007 watercolour. Sold
The Wensleydales of Cheedle’ 2007 watercolour. Sold
'Are you my mother' 2007 watercolour. sold
Are you my mother’ 2007 watercolour. sold
'Jacob rare breed' 2007 watercolour. Sold
Jacob: rare breed‘ 2007 watercolour. Sold
'Pippy longstocking' 2007 watercolour. sold
Pippy Longstocking‘ 2007 watercolour. sold
'Being the black sheep' 2007 watercolour. Sold
Being the black sheep‘ 2007 watercolour. Sold
'Shearer' 2008 watercolour. sold
Shearer‘ 2008 watercolour. sold
' lamb, looking' 2007 watercolour. Sold
lamb, looking’ 2007 watercolour. Sold
'lady in waiting' 2007 watercolour. Sold
lady in waiting’ 2007 watercolour. Sold. Part of Sheep Card set. Buy sheep card now
'Two lambs' 2008 watercolour. Sold
Two lambs‘ 2008 watercolour. Sold
'Wee Lamb' 2007 watercolour. Sold.
Wee Lamb‘ 2007 watercolour. Sold. Part of Sheep Card set. Buy sheep card now
'Ewe' 2007 watercolour. Sold
Ewe‘ 2007 watercolour. Sold. Part of Sheep Card set. Buy sheep card now
'Black and Blue' 2008 watercolour and body colour. Sold
Black and Blue‘ 2008 watercolour. Sold