Being the Artist of the Week

This version of the website you’re looking at now,  was completed in time for me to be the Artist of the Week for a fabulous agricultural on-line website The Farm Table which is run by farmer and businessperson Airlie Trescowthick from her property in Victoria. It was so much fun being the artist of the week, and to see people’s responses to the seven images I sent her. There was facebook and instagram presence, with the first post that I shared from her page receiving more than 100 likes ! I’m still getting feedback from the seventh, and it was more than a week ago now.

Being an artist in the digital world does mean a little too much time in front of the computer, but when the results include the sort of coverage that can happen because other people are sitting at theirs too, then it’s ok.

Just as long as I can get into the studio again on Monday all will be well with the world.

Thanks again Airlie. Love your work.

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