“you can get there from here”

You can indeed get there from here ..  they say. And I ask you ‘ Who are THEY’ and what is it that THEY know that we don’t. This etching is called that, I was in the middle of a uni degree. I seemed to be getting nowhere fast. But I felt better for this etching arriving then. And I got the degree, and the etching was resolved. And the world was a better place. Perhaps I’ve pulled this image, from all the images in that collection because it’s like that now, this relentless attention to words and images as a story of my career is rebuilt before my very eyes.
image: ‘You can get there from here’ 200? multi-plate colour etching 6x6cm by Christine Porter

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Photo of a patterned cup and saucer, with black tea in it, on a wooden tray, looking from above. With the text: "Drinking Tea in Bed" and christineporter.com.au/blog

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