A sense of place

A series of thirty small pencil drawings on paper (6×6.5cm), of the shearing sheds and environs at “Springleigh”, “Rivington” and “Juray”, Blackall Queensland. The drawings are installed in artist-made Perspex boxes (14 x21.5 x3cm) each with a found object collected on-site, winter 2014. Created in conjunction with the 2017 painting series “West of the Barcoo” for the Banks Family. 

Artist Statement

Thoughts : History found, gathered and recorded. Artwork that places the artist on-site. About recognising the multiple occupants of a site – those who came before and those treading that path now. About how a viewfinder crops the experience of the great outdoors into neat, manageable shapes, when in reality it’s anything but. How selecting from that 3D experience, translating it into a designed matrix, both reduces the magnitude of the site, and distills it. 

The Artwork

P2018.01 ‘The Shed Door’
P2018.02 Fence near the shed
P2018.03 Elbow and down-tube
P2018.05 New extension
P2018.06 Gate near shed
P2018.07 Full Moon


P2018.24 Donkey at the washhouse
P2018.08 Quarters
P2018.09 Windmill + storm
P2018.10 Windmill with trough
P2018.11 Through the broken window
P2018.12 pump
P2018.13 Window and fibreglass
P2018.14 Weathershed door and window
P2018.15 little pumpcover
P2018.16 Painted window
P2018.17 Shed in the paddock
P2018.18 quarters and pink shard
P2018.19 Meathouse
P2018.20 Galahs on the dam wall
P2018.21 Shed in a treescape
P2018.22 Dip west
P2018.23 Machinery shed
P2018.24 Donkey behind the washhouse
P2018.25 Double dunny
P2018.26 Old woolpress
P2018.27 Quarters and blue shard
P2018.28 Fence at the shed
P2018.29 High Tank
P2018.30 The road in SOLD