A day in the life of an artist

Often, when I tell people I’m a full time artist, I see them try to understand exactly how could work. There’s that one eyebrow thing that can be translated to mean “really???” in a very disbelieving way.

It’s pretty simple: every day I go into the studio and make artwork. Later that artwork goes out into the world to be shown in exhibitions and art shows. It’s an ongoing process of making and exhibiting. At any stage I might have three or more projects on the go at once .

Sometimes my “studio” is not that lovely sunlit room at my house where most of the artwork is created. Sometimes I’m out in the field. Recently I was on the New England Tablelands doing the prep work for a major project that will be exhibited at #NERAM in Armidale Feb2019. Each day was full of sights and sounds (and smells). It’s a hot, dusty, exhilarating experience painting in the field, and I love this part of the process.

Each day had its own visual challenges for this project, especially as this building was so architecturally different from others I’d painted. I mainly drew this trip – the drawing process being a more meditative process. It’s a way to see what’s there, and to “hear” what sort of story the project will be about. Later I’ll take those sketches into the studio and create more formal artworks from them. (See the finished work from this series which was to be entitled The Hundredth Shearing Shed . Read more blogs about the process; here , and here .

This video is entitled “a day in the life” but it is only one version of this way of living that is each day: different, challenging and fun.