Christine Porter, Rural Artist. image "the tidy shed" watercolour on paper
"The Tidy Shed" by Christine Porter. 2013, watercolour on paper 84x58cm Sold, private collection.
Artist photo by Raimond De Weerdt

Christine Porter lives in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia, working from her studio there, as well as in more remote areas of New South Wales and Queensland.  She is a full time professional artist. Career highlights include a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Southern Cross University, the 2006 McGregor Fellowship for overseas travel, 150+ prizes, artwork in The National Gallery of Australia and more  read her full cv here .

As a painter in watercolour, her artwork tells visual stories about rural Australia, specialising in a portrayal of the iconic Australian Shearing Shed. Read more

As a printmaker Christine continues her rural subjects, as well as more personal themes. She uses other mediums too, such as artist made boxes, when the inspiration strikes.  Read More

As a teacher Christine shares information and skills about painting, drawing and printmaking as well as guiding artists through the challenges of art-business-professionalism. Read More 

Her writing has been published in many art and lifestyle journals, with her blog being a place to read her opinions on life, both in front and behind the easel. 

2024 - Date Claimers


JULY 13-20  TIME OUT – family are coming from Scotland for a week or so. Can’t wait. Where should I take them??   

AUGUST 17 Lismore Art Club 
Exploring painting in the field. (including things that move, green green grass of home, reflections, and much more) Contact Lismore Art Club for more details. 

JULY 25-31 WINTON Qld Art Workshop Series 
7 different workshops, at various sites across the town. Learn to draw, paint with  watercolour, sketch out in the field (good for travellers), draw at night under the moon, paint the landscape, learn some art activities that can support and ease worry. Contact Winton Shire Council to book. Download brochure here. 


Celebrating 40 years since the first shearing shed artwork, which was of the shearing shed at Charlotte Plains, the work in this exhibition will be current work about Charlotte Plains shed and buildings. If you’ve ever been there you will see that painting in the station museum.

September 30 – Talk for Victoria Watercolour Society 
October TBA Watercolour/drawing retreat “Rathmore” Tasmania 

3-4 days immersive and relaxing art retreat in the shearing shed studio and around the property. Deepwater, New England Tablelands. More details closer to the time, or contact Christine directly here 

Feature Artist Downlands Art Exhibition 2024

Christine Porter "Towards the Board" 2023 watercolour on paper 60x48cm

I’ve been showing at Downlands Art Show for almost as long as it’s been going. I can remember the first few exhibitions, when it was still new. I was absolutely thrilled when Evan Hollis asked me if I’d be this year’s Feature Artist. I’ll be showing work from the “Charlotte Plains” series, as well as selected pieces from other recent series. 

The painting “Towards the Board”, pictured left, was chosen as the hero image for this show, rather than one from “Charlotte Plains”, because of the lead time needed for printing and promo. It’s from a shed near Stanthorpe that I completed at the end of 2023. 

The Art Show is an important part of the Carnival of Flowers program:
The gala opening is Friday 13th September 
The show is open all weekend, and I’ll be in attendance on both Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th, with the last day being Wednesday 18th. If you are planning on coming up, and can’t get there over the weekend, send me a message and I’ll meet you there. Would love to see you – it seems like an age since I spent any real time in Toowoomba. 

More info about the Downlands Art Show, opening times, address etc here .

"Charlotte Plains" series almost complete

Christine Porter "Shearing Shed at Charlotte Plains" 2024 watercolour on paper 55x38cm

It’s been six months of painting (amongst other things like teaching etc), a year since I was there on site (as well as the other places I saw that trip), and forty years since I first made artwork about it: “Charlotte Plains”, near Cunnamulla has been pivotal in my life and career. 

In 1984 I was a governess for the young Russell children when they lived up outside Charters Towers, in North Qld. Robyn Russell, their mother, had grown up near Cunnamulla, almost as far away from there as is possible and still be in Qld. She’d asked me if I could do a painting of the shed where she’d grown up, where her mother still lived. It was my first shearing shed . That painting is hanging in the station museum at “Charlotte Plains” where Robyn lives again. 

March 2023 I travelled to Charlotte Plains to see the shed in real life – the first artwork made from a photo Robyn had given me. It was amazing to see it, though I had visited when I’d first moved to Goondiwindi in 1988. 

This series will be taken to Robyn and her extended family in the next short while. After that a selection will be shown when I’m the guest artist at Downlands in Toowomba during the Carnival of Flowers. When the project is completed I’ll create a page for you to see them all. And I might even show that first painting as well… maybe. 

OUTback Magazine surprise

I love my telephone. Not just because there’s that really addictive game called Fishdom, or because it takes a good photo. I love my phone because I never know who is going to be at the other end of the phone when it rings. I love it when it’s from a number I don’t recognise. That’s what happened last week. Kirsty MacKenzie from OUTback magazine had seen the work I’d done of “, Deeargee” ages ago – remember that was the hundredth shearing shed that was exhibited at NERAM at Armidale. She’d noted my name and when she was in the area so she and Ken Brass, the photographer, came by to have a chat and see what I had on the easel. I really don’t know which issue the story will come out in, but for now I’ll continue to be amused at the opportunities as they roll in with the tolling of the telephone bell. 

Winton Workshop Program for July Released

Promo page listing the program for series of workshops in Winton

If you are anywhere near Winton in far western Qld towards the end of July the program has been released for this series of workshops I’ll be running over ten days. Some people will be coming for just one workshop, others are fronting up for the whole series. I’m sooooooo looking forward to getting to this fabulous place. If you are local, or if you find yourself in the locality, this workshop is for you. 

Contact Helen Fogarty to book in. But here is the program.
Click here  to download PDF – might be a bit tricky to read this one. 
Keep an eye out on the socials for more updates as they appear. 
(go on, it’s only 16 hours driving without stopping from Lismore, why don’t you come for a drive 😂) 

Full Moon Art Retreat another resounding success

drawing of a night view in white chalk on black paper with stars and moon in the sky

The Full Moon Art Retreat, west of Tenterfield, was another pearler of a weekend. Meditative drawing, plein air drawing, learning better drawing;  watercolour painting techniques, tricks, and skill development;  drawing by moonlight, drawing by candlelight; drawing in the landscape, in the shearing shed, from the verandah of the quarters; basic bookbinding, creative bookbinding; picnic lunches, wood-stove-cooked dinners, drinks at close-of-day, casual dressing-gown breakfasts, delicious smokos: this was as usual one of those special weekends that is the highlight of the year. Thanks to all the participants for your continued enthusiasm, to  Julia for your fantastic ideas, and Julia and Phillip for your hospitality.

Our next Full Moon Art Retreat will be in Deepwater in November. Contact me to register your interest. 

STEP AWAY catch up - Lismore

NOTICE – if you have paid using your Creative Kids Voucher from last year, and would like a few bonus sessions, please contact me


STEP AWAY – Guided parent + child art activities. 
Various sites around Lismore. 
5-6pm each Saturday afternoon in summer, 2-3pm in winter
Content Structured Plein Air drawing and painting. How to draw what is in front of you. How to enjoy the process. For parents: how to support a child artist, how to model good problem solving. How to actively rest in the out of doors. How to encourage a culture of family art.
cost $20 per session per child, parents free.
For families who have attended in 2023, you are welcome to come along too. 
(CP is not receiving Creating Kids Vouchers in 2024) 
book by contacting Christine directly

November - Artist paints pictures- who'd have thought it!

After thirty something years it never seems newsworthy to celebrate the everyday artwork creation that is the backbone of my practice. Far easier to concentrate on the deadlined events and glitzy opportunities. 

This year there’s been a lot of teaching too, that will be less next year. Perhaps. 

SO I decided to let you know here of a series of paintings that has just been completed. It’s about a shearing shed in the Traprock region west of Stanthorpe. I delivered the project to the family a couple of weeks ago and they have chosen from the series. I invite you to have a bit of a look at what for me was a lovely project this link, or click on the photo. Very satisfying from whoa to go. Thanks Stanthorpe – love ya heaps. 

November - a life outside the studio includes accolades for canoe club

Christine in a purple sparkly formal dress, holding an award, standing in front of a screen with various insignia from paddle organisations on it

You may or may not know that I’m the president of the Far North Coast Canoe Club. This year at the annual Paddle Australia Awards held at the Gold Coast, our club was honoured to receive the coveted “President’s Award” which is a discretionary award from the president of Paddle Australia for whomever, in all of Australia, she warrants recognition. She’d been in contact with us since the flood, and had been very supportive. But it was a huge surprise for us to be recognised thus. My thanks for all the support from the paddling community for your support since the flood.

September - Panellist for Mastrius Event

one of Christine's shed paintings, with a head photo of her and another artist below.

Join Christine and artist Sue Riger as they discuss alternative income streams for artists. Sue will be concentrating on licensing via an agent: Christine will be paying more attention to self-publishing. 
Book via the Mastrius website 
COST  $7 USD , or use this code at checkout to get in free i_know_christine
While you’re on the website have a glance at the rest of the membership advantages – there’s a monthly event membership as well as mentor membership for the full mentor experience. 

May - June Moree Family exhibition celebrates 100 years

Mid June I was near Moree helping a family celebrate the 100 years they had been on this property – shortly before the family left the district. I created a body of work about the house and sheds, then presented it at the family gathering. It was a wonderful day of sharing and stories. Thanks C and H for inviting me to make this artwork, and for including  me at the party. Was a great day. 

Painting of a windmill and near it a shed with fuel tanks, a dunny and high water tank. It's obviously next to a creek, but you can't see that.
COMING SOON - More paintings from this series. Watch this space
A painting of a white house with a green lawn and sparsely planted native trees.
COMING SOON - A small edition of prints have been made of this painting of the house showing the formal front door and lawns. Contact Christine directly for more information or to order a print.
Man standing in the middle of a marquee appearing to be making a speak
A collection of paintings - matted but not framed - are sitting on a brown table and also resting against the windows
A long dining room table in a sunny verandah room all set about with paintings, matted but unframed
A white sideboard with two paintings resting on it, against a large painting of a fox that looks like it's watching the paintings.
close up of a painting, matted, lying on a table. Behind it are other painting standing up.
sunset with the edge of a marquee showing

April - May Group Exhibition

Curated by Steve Guise, this exhibition features many printmakers who lost everything in the flood, including some uni and Tafe students who had to learn without a proper studio. Luckily Christine was spared any serious damage to her home or studio. She is represented in this exhibition with some of her 2023 Flood China drypoints. Read more about the series  here , or visit the Roxy Gallery in person from April 13- May14.

March - April: western painting road trip

What became a four-shearing-shed trip, over a month, both sides of the NSW/Qld border, in extremes of heat (40+ degrees) and close to zero a week later: staying in guest rooms but also camping on claypans, black-soil and riverside (though not at the same time); visiting old friends, new friends and meeting a hundred more: cuppa teas, lunches, dinners and at least two hamburger joints that vie for the best ever: Christine went west to see what she could see. The results are four sketchbooks full of notes, drawings and ideas. Work that will be translated into four new bodies of work to be exhibited next year at Cunnamulla, and at other places in the Moree district. Her camping set-up has become more streamlined, her sketches are more fluid, and she was reminded each day of her trip, each sunset, each clear night sky, each tempestuous evening and baked earth day, each cool morning when they finally came,  how much she enjoys this part of her practice that allows her to get out amongst it.
Living the dream they say.
And she agrees. 

New Suite of Drypoints - Flood China

"Blue and white - Flood China IV" 2023 Drypoint 9.5x9cm

When Steve Guise proposed an exhibition of printmakers, post flood, Christine realised that the story of the flood china was unfinished. Like everyone she really thought that the dismay and disorder from the flood would be in the past. A year on it’s still there, and people are still struggling. The small suite of drypoints – many using coloured ink, multiple plates and dolly wiping – extend the ideas presented in the painting series . Seeing the stories repeated across the region, artwork that exists in multiple seems apt. 
Read more 


POST SCRIPT – This drypoint was a finalist in the International Miniature Print Exhibition in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. Here’s the  2023 catalogue , for a bit of a surprise have a look at an earlier one in 2018. It was an astonishing time that’s for sure!! 

May 2022 Flood Artwork

Flood China VI - two cups, 2022 . watercolour on board, 9.5 x 9.5cm Sold private collection

Like everyone else in Lismore, I spent most of March and April helping those who had been impacted by the terrible floods. I didn’t set out to make artwork about the time, though I did keep a flood journal – pages of which are reproduced in this blog. There were many ways to help, and we all did what we needed to. I helped my friend Marie with her inundated storage units that held stock from her second hand book, and also her vintage clothes businesses. She’d been in the throes of packing up her life to move, so all her childhood belongings, her excess homewares, and her large private collection of china was also in the storage units. After handling every piece in her collection, I began to see the beauty. 
The artwork for the Flood China series was the result. Read More 


"When Floods give you China" is the blog I wrote that describes the impact of being at the flood coalface rescuing my friend Marie's stored belongings, and the artwork that came from it. Click on the image to read the blog
Flood China is the body of work about the china I helped rescue. The smallest of stories in a catastrophe full of life-changing, heartbreaking stories, the china in these series stands in for all the rescues that week, and the small glimmers of hope that is beginning to shine through for our town. Click on the image to see the series
This blog has pages from Christine's flood diary that she kept in the week after the first flood. Click on the image to read more.

Feb - March 2022 Lismore Floods

Flood Sketchbook 2022 pen and watercolour

Our town has always been known for its flooding.
Most summers the river rises, sometimes up to five times,  from February up until early May. Easter is always wet. It’s what it does here.

By now you would have seen the photos of what happened on Feb 28, 2022. My place is out of flood water, but so many people in our town thought they were too. When the river came up this time, after a full seven days of the sort of solid “flood rain” that has long term locals checking their flood plan, it kept coming up. Past the levels of 1974 and 1954. Past Cyclone Debbie’s recent horror levels. 2.4 metres higher in fact. That’s the second story of all the shops downtown, that’s into the Lismore square, over the macca’s sign, into the cathedral, right through half a dozen schools. 

Lismore is struggling to regain itself. The short sentence “lost everything” does not even begin to describe the losses, trauma and ongoing horror of this time. I’m ok, but there are many of my fellow artists who aren’t, who are rebuilding their practice whilst  they are struggling to rebuild their homes. We will bounce back. The concerted effort of volunteers who saved lives as the flooding was happening, have also taken on the back-breaking and soul-destroying business of rebuilding homes and lives.

There are many ways you can help. Googling “help Lismore flood” gives many options. This is one via the Lismore City Council  Contact me if you have an idea that could benefit. Coming into winter it’ll be rugs for the floors, and blankets. But the needs are ever-changing. 

August 5 /September 19 , 2021 - Major Solo Exhibition Stanthorpe


In another way to tell stories, the three month journey into this new medium has resulted in three bodies of work: The Artist’s Sketchbooks – a journey with Christine through various of her sketchbooks; Regionally Speaking – a series of conversations with rural and remote Australian artists, and Watercolour Basics – the beginning of a series of on-line painting education modules that will become available as they are completed. Visit Christine’s YouTube Channel 


Many of the paintings on this website are available for purchase. This page has random paintings that are still available (a work in progress), the shop pages have cards, etchings and giclee prints. Otherwise scroll through each painting project which will have indications about which are still available there, though this can change quickly.
Prices for paintings range from $300 – $4000 depending on their size, age, and framed state.
Prices for etchings range from $60 – $350
Cards begin at $3 each, Giclee Prints from $100 
Prices for a commissioned painting or etching depends on the nature of the project. 
Contact Christine directly for any information, price or to purchase an artwork. 


Studio Door Art workshops by Christine Porter at her home in LismoreNSW Australia. A variety of single day classes about watercolour, printmaking and art-business
In 2023 Christine will be continuing to develop her individual one-on-one opportunities that can be taken as any mixture of studio attendance or zoom, email and phone consultation.
2023 sees Christine travelling both locally to Ballina, as well as further afield, teaching watercolour and printmaking. For more details go to teaching page by clicking on the picture above. September 2024 Christine will be travelling to teach for the Melbourne Watercolour Society, and to Tasmania at Rathmore.
Single day events that combine plein air with easy walking, local to Lismore. Part tourist visit, part skills workshop, relaxing, interesting, all inclusive. For more details click the photo above that will take you to the teaching page. Early October in Goondiwindi : a walk around the Botanic Gardens. See this page for more details.
2023 sees Christine invited to work with the Canadian based art-education platform Mastrius as a Master Artist Mentor. Small group live (zoom) monthly sessions starting from the students' needs. Christine will be working on watercolour and/or printmaking skills, picture making, general art "hard questions". More info about Christine's workshops, or to book into her small group, click on the above image.
title art classses for children, child's hand with paintbrush
Christine has developed a parent and children's workshop which can be paid using the Creative Kids Voucher fromthe NSW Govt. Press the image for more details


Studio Visit Christine’s studio/gallery in Lismore, open by appointment. Contact us to book a visit.
Solo Exhibition 
Christine has no solo exhibitions booked for 2022. Plans are afoot for something in 2024 – exactly 40 years since her first shearing shed painting.
Group Exhibitions  Australian Watercolour Institute Annual Exhibition, Sydney . 
Gallery Representation – Red Hill Gallery Brisbane, PG Printmaker Gallery Melbourne,  Coldstream Gallery Ulmarra, The Lodge on Hawthorne Blackall, Barebones Artspace Swansea Tas.
Regular Exhibitor – Toowoomba Grammar, Downlands, Goondiwindi Aspects Art Show, Blackall Heartland, others


Christine is on Twitter as ChrisPorterArt,    Instagram as christineporterartist and YouTube as ChristinePorterArtist.
She has two FACEBOOK pages,
– Her official artist page: ChristinePorterArtist  
– Her teaching page: Studio Door Art Workshop

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