Christine Porter, Rural Artist. image "the tidy shed" watercolour on paper
"The Tidy Shed" by Christine Porter. 2013, watercolour on paper 84x58cm Sold, private collection.

Christine Porter with her 2016 painting

Christine Porter lives in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia, working from her studio there, as well as in more remote areas of New South Wales and Queensland.  She is a full time professional artist. Career highlights include a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Southern Cross University, the 2006 McGregor Fellowship for overseas travel, 150+ prizes, artwork in The National Gallery of Australia and more  read her full cv here .

As a painter in watercolour, her artwork tells visual stories about rural Australia, specialising in a portrayal of the iconic Australian Shearing Shed. As a printmaker Christine continues her rural subjects, as well as more personal themes. She uses other mediums too, such as artist made boxes, when the inspiration strikes.

2021 - Starting again with plans...

EXHIBITION  “Nundubbermere” 
Stanthorpe Regional Gallery, Stanthorpe, Qld
August 5- Sept 19 

Paintings about the historic shearing shed at “Nundubbermere” just outside Stanthorpe. Watercolours of the exterior, interior and other items in this working shed that was featured in the 2019 Radio National interview with Ed Ayers. Listen here. 

The opening event will be Saturday 7th August, 5-7pm. All will be welcome (Covid restrictions not withstanding). Contact me or the gallery if you’d like a personal invitation sent to you or someone you know. This will be my last big exhibition for a while, so come along and help me celebrate. 

Christine in the “Nundubbermere”shed , Stanthorpe with Radio National The Arts Show presenter, Ed Ayers.

Feb – Alstonville Art Group 
March – Studio West End , Brisbane 
March – Yamba Art Group 
April – Cowper Art Gallery and Studio 

June 18 Colour for Watercolour 
June 19 Create the Illusion of Distance 
June 20 Finish your Painting 
Book via Eventbrite or contact Roslyn  to enrol. 

August 28 – 31  Fifty Ways to Print your Etching 
Contact Adele to book 

October 7-9 (to be confirmed) 
Exploring the printed mark – experimenting with different ways to make a simple intaglio plate, then ink, wipe and print it. 
Contact Kerrie to book 


On-Line Challenge
At some stage this year I’ll be releasing my 28 day on-line painting challenge “From Drawing to Painting with no drawing in between”. This has evolved from what I *thought* I’d create – and of course there’s more to it than first imagined. 

Other On-line classes 
In the course of working with a new student who was in lockdown in Melbourne, and developing the On-Line Challenge, several small individual classes came about. I’m hoping to release them this year too. 

Zoom/video Classes 
Last year this combination worked well with a couple of students, so combined with an introductory face-to-face, or longer zoom, it means that I can tailor your learning experience to your exact needs. 

DECEMBER 2020 - Holiday artwork : learning and respite.

It’s just a year since I was lucky enough to go to Norfolk Island with the amazing Harry Westera on a “Come Away with Us” tour run by Cowper Art Gallery. Since then I’ve played with plein air, on and off. This holidays I set myself the task of daily paintings, to fill a sketchbook, and to refine the tools and techniques I’d need to  share this process with others. It was extremely rewarding. Soon I’ll be publishing a longer blog about why it’s important to be responsible for our own learning experiences, but for now I’ve chosen just a few from the thirty small paintings I made in that fortnight, that won’t ever be sold as individual works, though maybe one day I’ll create more work of this subject. 


OCTOBER 2020 - Back in the Studio. Finally.

Watercolour painting by Christine Porter showing asuffolk ewe facing the audience
“Backlit”, 2020. watercolour over pencil. 10x10cm

I have just loved getting back into the studio. Starting small, which is an excellent way to begin after so long, I started with this series of pencil and watercolour drawings of this small flock of Suffolk ewes that were amongst the sheep being shorn at Deepwater a year or so ago. For that series I concentrated on the Merino being shorn, keeping this series for another day.
Another day just arrived. 

See the full series of fifteen small works here. 

SEPTEMBER 2020 - ChristinePorterArtist NOW ON YOUTUBE

In another way to tell stories, the three month journey into this new medium has resulted in three bodies of work: The Artist’s Sketchbooks – a journey with Christine through various of her sketchbooks; Regionally Speaking – a series of conversations with rural and remote Australian artists, and Watercolour Basics – the beginning of a series of on-line painting education modules that will become available as they are completed. Visit Christine’s YouTube Channel 


A photo of Christine Porter appearing to be turning on a switch. I’m thrilled to announce that , along with 12 other Northern Rivers arts practitioners, I have been awarded an Arts Northern Rivers micro grant. This grant of $1000 was created to go towards alleviating the impact of Covid.

My proposal was to develop a platform for teaching on-line – as you know all my face-to-face teaching has been cancelled this year. Going on-line has  been on the list for a long time now. I found an email discussing it in 2013! It’s exciting to be working on it now. So I’ve bought a bit of gear, worked out a bit of a plan, and am now doggedly working through some practice videos. To make it easier  to achieve, I’ve not set out to do it ALL. Instead I’m creating a digital product to understand HOW  to do it. That achievable aim will, I hope, stop me sabotaging the plan completely. Obviously there’s elements that make this a huge project. So baby steps it is.
Read about my grant application on Arts Northern Rivers site.
Read my blog post about how this public forum will keep me accountable. 

I’ll announce here when my you-tube channel has things for you to look at, and when I have a working on-line watercolour program. Until then I am still available for zoom lessons if you don’t want to wait that long.


“In the Shearing Shed” 2019 watercolour 54x38cm Sold

My calendar tells me that this last week I would have been in Italy, at the FabrianoInAcquarello international watercolour convention. 

Last November, in Brisbane,  I was honoured to have this painting chosen as Best In Show at the Australian Watercolour Muster – a national award that would see me being selected to travel to Italy in May 2020 as the Australian Representative Artist. I would be accompanied by other Australian artists, with in total 20 paintings from across Australia making the journey to be exhibited with hundreds of other paintings from artists worldwide. Read about the Muster weekend last November here. 

Fabriano is a small city north east of Rome, where the famous Fabriano paper is made. I was looking forward to seeing these places and to take part in the conference. 

Click image to see the online catalogue

There were talks and presentations planned, and paint-outs. Others who’ve been in the past have loved it. I booked my accomodation, and went to ACE to learn some conversational Italian. 

When the virus happened, the  conference went on-line. I stayed home, like the rest of the world, and watched it on the small screen.  Their YouTube Channel and  facebook page shows the diversity of this international watercolour community.

In the full catalogue  my painting is on p70. Images from the rest of the Australian team are included as well.  Thanks to Wyn Vogel for being the Australian team leader and organising the Australian component. 



S14 The Five Card Bundle with Stamps A photo of a set of cards. with the covering postcard showing 5 grey boxes and below that a row of 5 cartoon stamps.

Description Set of five blank greeting cards and matching envelopes. chosen by you, from Christine’s Rural, Sheep or Bella range. With five $1.10 stamps for ‘Small Letter’ Postage within Australia. Price includes hand delivery within 10km of Lismore, or Australia Post shipping worldwide. When you order, put your selection in with the special notes, or send a separate email.
Price 5 cards with matching envelopes + 5 stamps + delivery $24
Order  here or contact Christine directly.

A photo of a box with the lid partly off. It shows one of Christine's cards inside and an orange sticker on the top with her logo. Printed over the photo are the details of this product S15 The Stash 

Description Twenty blank greeting cards and matching envelopes. chosen by you, from Christine’s Rural, Sheep or Bella range.  Price includes hand delivery within 10km of Lismore, or Australia Post shipping worldwide. When you order, put your selection in with the special notes, or send a separate email.
Price 20 cards with matching envelopes + delivery $56
Order here or contact Christine directly.


INvitation image for CHristine's Gympie March 2020 exhibition. Showing key painting of the interior of shearing shed and words about where, when and how.This exhibition of paintings and drawings describes the iconic Australian shearing shed at its busiest.  As well as her familiar shearing shed imagery, chosen from several recent projects, the exhibition includes artwork about the shearers and shed-hands working those sheds. Women and men who, once or twice a year, turn these amazingly still and peaceful buildings into a feast of well-rehearsed activity.
Image: “Inside the Shed” 2019 watercolour on paper, 36x73cm

The official opening event was cancelled, with the gallery closing to the public shortly after. Gallery staff will however be working on site, and will be handling sales enquiries over the phone until Anzac Day 07) 54810733 . If for some reason this changes, and the gallery is uncontactable, phone or email Christine directly 0407170471 


Many of the paintings on this website are available for purchase. This page has random paintings that are still available (a work in progress), this page has the current exhibition at the Gympie Regional Gallery, the shop pages have cards, etchings and giclee prints. Otherwise scroll through each painting project which will have indications about which are still available there, though this can change quickly.
Prices for paintings range from $300 – $4000 depending on their size, age, and framed state.
Prices for etchings range from $60 – $350
Cards begin at $3 each, Giclee Prints from $100 
Prices for a commissioned painting or etching depends on the nature of the project. 
Contact Christine directly for any information, price or to purchase an artwork. 


Studio Door Art workshops by Christine Porter at her home in LismoreNSW Australia. A variety of single day classes about watercolour, printmaking and art-business
In 2021 Christine will be continuing to develop her individual one-on-one opportunities, that can be taken as any mixture of studio attendance, zoom and email consultation. This has worked well during the lockdown for several students, and Christine will be refining this as the year progresses.
Photo of Christine's profile as she's driving along in a vehicle. Behind you you can see the edge of a sunset and the rear view mirror.
2021 is basically about the re-scheduling of workshops that were cancelled from 2020. For more details go to teaching page by clicking on the picture above.
photo of Christine reaching up to turn a camera selfie off. Included are the words 2021 online classes. and webaddress
In 2020 Christine received a small grant from Arts Northern Rivers to develop some on-line classes. She spent a large amount of time researching, experimenting and learning. In 2021 she plans to gather than information together and present at least one on-line series, maybe a couple of other lessons. If you are interested in more please contact her. Watch this space for more information.


During the ongoing Covid situation, many galleries, including Christine’s studio/gallery have limited opening times. Please contact by phone or email to check

Studio Visit Christine’s studio/gallery in Lismore, open by appointment. Contact us to book a visit.
Solo Exhibition 
Stanthorpe Regional Gallery Qld. August 5- September 19 2021
Group Exhibitions  Australian Watercolour Institute Annual Exhibition, Sydney  Winter 2021
Gallery Representation – Red Hill Gallery Brisbane, PG Printmaker Gallery Melbourne, The Moree Gallery,Moree, Art Aspects Gallery Lismore, Coldstream Gallery Ulmarra, The Lodge on Hawthorne Blackall.
Regular Exhibitor – Toowoomba Grammar, Downlands, Goondiwindi Aspects Art Show, Blackall Heartland, others


Christine is on Twitter as ChrisPorterArt,    Instagram as christineporterartist and YouTube as ChristinePorterArtist.
She has three FACEBOOK pages,
– Her official artist page: ChristinePorterArtist  
– Her teaching page: Studio Door Art Workshop
– Her publishing pages with details of cards and prints Full Moon Publications