The Spaces Between

'wire and tin I' 2011 watercolour 27x25cm Christine Porter

wire and tin I 2011 watercolour on paper 26x25cm Sold private collection


An ongoing series of paintings  by Christine Porter. with subject matter drawn from across her art practice about rural Australia. Usually watercolour on paper, the sizes are from 14 cm  to 74cm. Contact us for prices, availability, or to book a studio visit to see the work in person.

artist statement

I can’t imagine what it would be like not to want to, or be able to create. I can barely remember a time when I haven’t had my paint and brushes close by, and a studio available to create in. Sometimes, in the spaces between deliberate projects of shearing sheds, I see and feel an idea that is bigger than a particular site or image. That moment of … dare I say it… inspiration, carries its own momentum that is like an electricity, buzzing concurrently alongside the real world so insistently that when the paint finally hits the canvas it’s already three quarters there. These paintings, the ones I’ve come to recognise as the “one in seventeen” are like an Olympic  athlete hitting the sweet spot with her racquet. All the years of training, all the blood sweat and tears, all the experience is in that stroke. “How long did it take you to paint that?” I heard someone ask Robert Wade, the world famous Australian watercolourist, years ago now.” sixty five years” he said, as he finished another painting, in minutes, before our very eyes.
Christine Porter Lismore 2012

available artwork

Please note that  the colour on your screen may not match the actual artwork. Some remaining work available framed, others matted. Prices: $300-$4000. To purchase, or for more information, contact us by phone or email.

'In the hayshed' 2012 watercolour 54x34cm Christine Porter

in the hayshed  2012
watercolour on paper  54 x 34cm
currently framed

Winning %22The Bentley%22
winner The Bentley Art Prize 2012

selected archive

These paintings have all been sold into private or corporate collections Australia wide.

'The red door' 2012 watercolour 51x39cm Christine Porter

the red door  2012
watercolour on paper 51×39 cm
SOLD private collection Qld
Finalist: The John Villiers Waltzing Matilda Outback Art Show 2012 Winton Qld

Judge’s comments:The Red Door
A beautifully simple painting of cleverly proportioned shapes and a wonderfull repetition of subtly varied horizontal and vertical lines. The strong diagonals above and below the door draw the eye in to the focal point where the warm colour and strong tonal contrast hold attention. The dark areas of shadow in the painting have been painted in a cool blue/grey to give impact to the subdued red of the door. These dark areas are broken up with small patches of warm brown, linking the red door to the rest of the painting. Looking closely at the work reveals a looseness in the brushwork that suggests the worn patina of a well used shed. This provides an interesting contrast to the almost photographic quality of the painting when viewed from a distance.
John Lovett Winton 2011

'Door' 2011 Watercolour 42x42cm Christine Porterdoor   2011
watercolour on paper   42 x 42cm
acquired by the Casino RSM Club


'wired' 2011 watercolour 44x44cm Christine Porterwired  2011
watercolour on paper    44×44 cm
SOLD private collection WA


'wire and tin I' 2011 watercolour 27x25cm Christine Porterwire and tin I   2011
watercolour on paper   26 x 25 m
SOLD private collection Qld

'Wire and tin II' 2011 watercolour 26x26cm Christine Porterwire and tin II    2011
watercolour on paper   26 x 25 cm
SOLD private collection

'wire and tin III ' 2013 watercolour 27x8cm Christine Porter

wire and tin III 2013
watercolour on paper 27×8.5cm
SOLD private collection