Art-Business Classes

Success and the Business of Artwork: art-business training and support for emerging and practising artists

980_albumChristine Porter has been teaching about being an art-businessperson since 1996 in direct response to her own years as a regional artist without easy access to art-professional information. Her workshop entitled “Success and the Business of Artwork” is a series of modules that can be taken as a weekend workshop, lecture, or a series of individual units. The content in them draws on her own years as a professional artist, her understanding of industry bodies and what they can offer and was refined when she was a casual academic teaching into the Arts Industry Studies unit at Southern Cross University.

Topics include: making sales, valuing your art, the artists’ product, record keeping, acceptable standards, transporting fragile items, copyright, copying, multiples, conservation, industry bodies, how to get into the studio and stay there. etc

Christine’s teaching strategies include lecture, group work, discussion, role play and, depending on the needs and experience of the group/individual and the format of the presentation, can include individual cv analysis, post workshop consultation, notes and handouts.

Workshops suit: emerging artist, professional artists with a particular problem, hobby artists, art groups with mixed membership, professionals outside the industry dealing with emerging artist such as employment consultants.

Cost: tutor fees at a daily rate + travel allowance or reimbursement (if more than 1 hours from Lismore) + accommodation . For more information fees and booking 

“My Vision
is that all over Australia and the world emerging artists will have access to the same information, motivation and opportunities as those involved with art institutions, industry bodies and/or the business world.    My Mission is to create a level playing field for all artists through education and motivation, regardless of the concepts behind, subject matter or medium of the artwork created, regardless of the geographical situation or demographic of the artist.” 


individual consultation

the teacher as experienced bystander
Christine has worked with a number of artists as their individual mentor. These often are a one off consultation where the artist comes with a problem or an idea. Beginning at the point of the artist’s needs, Christine looks at the artist’s work. She will address any issues that in her opinion may require immediate attention such as conservation, multiples, presentation etc, however most artists consult about specific projects such as putting on an exhibition or publishing. The discussion results in the artist having a greater understanding of the steps needed to achieve their aims and goals, and of the industry as it relates to them in this specific situation. As needed, referrals  to other industry professionals and any pertinent reference material are included. Sometimes this consultation can be via telephone or, in the future, skype. The aim here is not to question or advise on how or what the artist is making but simply to talk about what to do with it next.
1 hour (approx) one-on-one consultation, any notes, referrals or reference material as needed and a plan
can be at any cafe or meeting room near both the artist and the teacher
will include an hourly rate but no travel costs if Christine is already in the area.

the long term “experienced bystander”
Christine has a number of long term individual clients who have her “on call” for professional advice. Contact us to talk about your needs.
Includes: Unlimited access to Christine’s opinion and support regarding the artist’s professional practice.
Venue: A variety of meetings, phone or skype consultations, depending on the needs.
Cost: Each situations differs, so the cost is negotiated on the degree of support the artist requires.
writing service
Much of being in an art-businessperson involves the written word. Christine is happy to write a complete piece for you, take your writing to the next level, or simply cast an eye over what you have done. She has experience with artist statements, c.v. presentation, biographies, press releases etc and has access to other writing professionals should the need arise.
will depend on what needs to be done and is based on current NAVA (National Association for the Visual Arts) recommendations.

short questions
If you have a simple question that will only take ten minutes to answer Christine is happy for you to contact her by phone or email. In fact she welcomes these sort of contacts. Most problems can be solved easily, but if it looks too complicated she will organize a formal consultation or referral.
Cost: No charge if the short question takes less than 15 minutes to answer.

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art collection consultation

“Your person in the industry” This is aimed at the small businessperson or private collector with some original artwork in their offices or home. Christine offers her experience within the industry to guide the collector to recognise the value of the artwork in the collection, and to develop strategies to maintain or increase the value of the artwork

Conservation, framing, restoration, documentation and hanging are some of the issues that Christine may address in the initial consultation that is like an “art collection check-up”. Appropriate follow-up by referral to other industry professionals. Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about this service.