Until we have a shopping cart, please contact Christine directly by phone or email  to purchase any
– paintings
– etchings
– cards
– giclee prints
– gift vouchers
or to organise a commission – more information

'The shop - old texas' 2011 watercolour 32x22cm Sold
‘The shop – old Texas’ 2011 watercolour 32x22cm Sold

purchase an artwork

AVAILABILITY: At any given time artwork may be in a commercial gallery, an exhibition, a competition, or in her studio/gallery in Lismore. PRICES include GST for items delivered within Australia. FREIGHT is added when required. STUDIO DOOR PRICE will mirror the price it has been in the gallery or competition.
If you have seen work in a gallery or art show, commission may still be paid to the organisers. PAYMENT;  direct bank deposit, money order, Paypal or cash.

gift vouchers

Can be for any amount, including part payment towards Lay-by.
May be from various people – such as when a group of people are putting in for a wedding present.
We can create a voucher for you to include as your gift, or it can be posted directly to the receiver.

free gift and monthly special offers

Tell us which of our website pages you like  here and we’ll send you a free gift valued at $10.
For our monthly special offers go here.

lease a painting

Costs are calculated according to the total retail value of the work/s, the length of the contract and if the work is “rented” or “leased with an option to buy”. Included in the price will be a free introductory consultation regarding selection, hanging and care, as well as a free small-business art-collection check up.

license an image

Christine and Full Moon Publications are happy to consider the licensing of images for your book or other reproduction idea. Prices will be in line with current industry standards and will depend on the nature of the reproduction, how many will be printed and the geographic range that it will be sent to.