'Inquisitive' 2015 acrylic. 18x13cm. sold


A series of  paintings of sheep and lambs of varying breeds, by Australian artist Christine Porter . Acrylic on board: 10 cm squared- 18cm long. Presented framed. Prices:  $200 – $450 depending on size. Currently exhibited:  various galleries and art shows, or at Christine’s studio/gallery in Lismore. Please contact us for more information about availability, prices or to book a studio visit to see the work in person. image: inquisitive 2015 acrylic on board 13 x 18 cm. Sold  private collection

artist statement

I saw my first sheep in 1980. I was 19 years old and at uni in Armidale. I remember the astonishment. I often wonder if pre-cognition would have changed my view of  those two sad ewes looking forlornly through the fenced high school ag. plot. Another three years would pass before I began creating artwork about this subject, by which stage I was living in North Queensland in a small town surrounded, for hundreds of miles, by thousands of sheep. It’s thirty years since those first explorations. Since then I’ve painted many different breeds, from the iconic Merino to the celebrated Scottish Blackface.  It’s been an ongoing if sporadic theme, peripheral to my work about shearing sheds. 

Exhibiting artwork about sheep, in both Scotland and Australia, I have become increasingly aware of the place this subject has in people’s hearts and cultural memory: for all the urbanisation of our emotional and geographic landscape. This series explores the idea of an Australian sheep industry that is not solely about the Merino that it’s so famous for. I see sophisticated cross breeding, even in small flocks, and sheep bred for meat more often than fleece. It speaks of an industry determined and thriving, even as changes take it further from its romantic past than those who  prospered through its boom times could ever have imagined.
Christine Porter, Lismore 2015

available artwork

‘twins’ 2015 Acrylic on board 18x13cm
'Looking out' 2015 acrylic. Highly Commended. Open Section Mitchell art show 2015
‘Looking out’ 2015 acrylic. Highly Commended. Open Section Mitchell art show 2015
‘feeding time’ 2015 acrylic on board 15x11cm. featured in Alyson Stanfield’s blog …..
‘ near the shed ‘ 2015 Acrylic on board 10x10cm
‘ewe’ 2015 acrylic on board 9.5×9.5cm

selected archive

These paintings have been sold into private collections across Eastern Australia.

'Inquisitive' 2015 acrylic. 18x13cm. sold
‘Inquisitive’ 2015 acrylic. 18x13cm. sold
'Curious and curiouser' 2015 acrylic 18x13cm .sold
‘Curious and curiouser’ 2015 acrylic 18x13cm .sold
'matriach' 2015 acrylic 18x13cm. sold
‘matriach’ 2015 acrylic 18x13cm. sold
'How soft and furry they are' 2015 acrylic. 15x11cm. Sold
‘How soft and furry they are’ 2015 acrylic. 15x11cm. Sold
Days old acrylic on board 10x10cm SOLD
'Augustus' 2015 acrylic 15x11cm .Sold
‘Augustus’ 2015 acrylic 15x11cm .Sold
'Crowded house' 2015 Acrylic 18x13cm. Sold
‘Crowded house’ 2015 Acrylic 18x13cm. Sold
'Lamb in May' 2015 acrylic 10x10cm. Sold
‘Lamb in May’ 2015 acrylic 10x10cm. Sold