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Christine Porter: printmaker

  • Christine Porter began printmaking in 1984 at the McGregor Summer School in Toowoomba.
  • In 1996 she set up Full Moon Editions  in Lismore, with an Artequip B580, a Richeson table press, and an antique letter press.
  • Career highlights include two works in the National Gallery of Australia, prizes Australia wide, a solo exhibition in Edinburgh, as well as representation in many smaller public, corporate and private collections worldwide. Click here for career details.
  • Her 2006  Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in printmaking has added a theoretical dimension to her art making . Ideas-based artwork.
  • Most of Christine’s etchings are multi-plate colour etchings, working small (6 -12cm) and uses mainly traditional etching and printing techniques.

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  • Full Moon Publications have published a selection of Christine’s paintings as greeting cards and giclee prints. Buy greeting cards and giclee prints

etching suites

basket-broomRURAL ETCHINGS  There are a number of etchings suites that relate back to, or have evolved from Christine’s rural paintings. These include a series of works about the ubiquitous woolbasket (the three basket suite, pictured), an ongoing series of shed etchings, images about the cotton industry, and a body of work about the importance of the museum shed in maintaining the historical links with a rural past. image: ‘Basket and broom’ 2004 etching 9x9cm.


remember-2011multiplate-colour-etching-6x6-6cmchristine-porterMORE PERSONAL IDEAS and THEMES
Since 1995 , in her 
other people’s treasures suite (pictured), Christine has been using the intimate format of these small (up to 6cm square) multi-plate colour etchings to Christine has used the etching format to create artwork that invites the viewer to see her world from a more personal viewpoint. Other work has evolved that is both personal and indeed of a more universal nature, fleshing out the narrative beyond the topographical, if the reader should so desire to read it that way. image: ‘remember’ 2005 multi-plate colour etching 7x7cm. 

Journey 2013
Two works that explore the nature of  memory and time.

Red Shoes 2012 Multiplate colour etching 7x7cm

 Implications of a Fairytale Childhood  2012
An exploration of the way the lessons, ideas and “truths” in childhood stories inform our adult understand of the world.


Other People’s Treasures 1995 – 2011
This ongoing series began in 1995 with the crescent moon image and continues to be a forum for Christine’s almost autobiographical interpretations of her world view. To date there have been about twenty etchings in this series: half that number in edition at any given time.


The Dragonfly Diaries 2010
This 2010 series of the dragonfly diaries seemed at first to be part of the other people’s treasures series, however the depth of the information and the completeness of the series begged its own story. Included in this series is a small series using a masked island print technique, exploring the way change and growth is articulated in the plants and animals in her suburban garden in northern NSW.

the-hadrians-wall-walk-vi-detailThe Hadrian’s Wall Walk 2007 -2010
Travelling to the UK in 2007, with the opportunity to walk the Hadrian’s wall walk, the medium of printmaking was perfect for exploring the multiple steps, the repeated photographic image and the implied and experienced narrative/s of this journey. Three series of etchings results from this cross-country walk.

where to see Christine’s etchings

Australian city galleries
BrisbaneThe Red Hill Gallery, 61 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill. 07 3368 1442
MelbournePG Printmaker Gallery, 227 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. 03 9417 7087

regional Australian galleries

Bangalow Barebones Artspace, Byron St.  02 6687 1393
Gladstone (via Kempsey) The Old Lodge Gallery, Kinchela St. 02 6567 4366
Lismore Christine’s studio gallery, (by appointment). 02 6622 5733
MoreeThe Moree Gallery, The Max Centre, Heber St. 02 67523927

NEW ZEALAND Millwood Gallery, Tinakori Rd Thorndon, Wellington. 04 473 5179