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Christine Porter: painter

  • Christine has been a full time professional artist since 1990 and has been painting shearing sheds since 1984.
  • Career highlights include election to the  Australian Watercolour Institute in 1996, more than one hundred and twenty prizes in art shows around Australia, artwork in international and Australian public and private collections, and regular exhibitions. Click here for career details
  • Her 2006 Bachelor of Visual Arts university degree has added a theoretical dimension to her art making. Ideas-based artwork

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  • Full Moon Publications have published a selection of Christine’s paintings as greeting cards and Giclee prints. Buy greeting cards and Giclee prints

the artwork

'Woolshed' 2013 watercolour 66x42cm Christine Porter
Australian Shearing Sheds:  paintings in watercolour on paper, and acrylic on board, of shearing sheds from western Queensland and New South Wales. Work within the different series includes exteriors and interiors, as well as other buildings, image: ‘The shed’ 2014 watercolour on paper approx. 65x38cm (sold private collection) read more


sheep, cattle and horses paintings in watercolour or acrylic, that include the British sheep breeds  from her 2007-8 UK trips, and other ongoing  Australian sheep and cattle.  image: “Lamb”  watercolour on paper 57x40cm(sold private collection) read more


Artwork about ideasmore personal work that includes the lost gloves  and the Remembering How to Fly series (pictured)  image; “Lumsden, Aberdeenshire, Wed 4th April, 11:30am” acrylic on board 27x21cm (collection of the artist)  read more