Other People’s Treasures


An ongoing series of etchings, by Australian artist Christine Porter, begun in 1995, and added to almost annually,  that explores how everyday objects can become mementos: how they can anchor abstract thought or feeling to a particular time and place. Quite autobiographical in nature, these artwork have, over the years, provided a means for the artist to interrogate episodes in her own. The titles create a meditative space that, whilst personal, speak never-the-less of the universal experience. image: ‘Ballet Slippers’ 2003

exhibited /collected / sales

In 2003, work from this suite was exhibited at Randolf Galleries in Edinburgh. In 2001 they were part of the group exhibition at the Lismore Regional Gallery entitled ‘From the same source’. Work from this series is in the Mt Isa Shire collection, and private collections worldwide. Prices from $60 unframed. To purchase, or for more information, contact us. 


b1-moon-bella-card-by-christine-porter The first etching in this series ‘Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t reach it ‘(1995, pictured)  was a simple single coloured etching of the crescent moon. It was the first image Christine ever envisaged as an etching, even though it wasn’t her first etching, nor her first artwork. Full Moon Publications have published this and nine other etchings from this suite, as a series of greeting cards they’ve named The Bella Collection.

available artwork


Remember 2011
multi plate colour etching 6.1×6.1cm
eidition size 90 – some availability
PRIZE 2011 Mitchell Landmark Art Show Winner Open Section $1000




First Love 2009
multi plate colour etching 5×4.4cm
edition size 90




Let the first one you catch be your own  2009
Multi plate colour etching 6x6cm
edition size 90




Lost Glove 2008
multi plate colour etching 6×7.5cm
edition size 90
details: Part of the lost gloves body of work exhibited in 2008 at the Tweed Regional Gallery that explored ideas of emigration and exile. (if you look closely you’ll see that it is a map of London superimposed over the glove).




Lamb 2008
multi plate colour etching  5.7×5.8cm
edition size 90
colour variations throughout the edition
limited availability
details: From drawings made of a Swaledale sheep in The Lakes district made during Christine’s McGregor Fellowship journey in 2007. This etching follows from the British Breeds series of paintings exhibited in Australia and the UK in 2008.




It’s your move 2008
multi plate colour etching 5×4.4 cm
edition size 90
some availability
artist statement: This etching was finished in 2008 , but I’d been working on the idea for a while – looking at different chess pieces , setting my mind to how the white knight archetype was articulate in twenty-first  century life, considering the structures that restrict our ability to move our home, our lives. I was staying at “Moorabinda”. west of Tenterfield as I often had since I was honoured to create the exhibition of paintings from there, shown at the the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery some years previously. As usual, my stay was informed by whichever project was closest to y mind at the time. I’m not a horsey person, but when Bucky ( the resident retired grey) game into view amongst the roses on the other side of the guest room window, I was taken by the determined way in which he grazed. Here was my knight piece! Here was the perfect game player who would help me explore the games we are all involved with on a regular basis. Here was the symbol that would reinforce the idea that each decision we make is ours, even when it’s impossible to image or predict the implications of such a move. 




Why settle for just a piece of the sky? 2008
embossing and watercolour 6.3×3.3cm
edition size 90 – painting variations within the edition
details: This is a series/edition of ninety small paintings that are all original , different works. I felt that their similarity was enough to consider them part of the same series, and continues the idea that the title implies. This image began as a traditional print, but in the end i decided I would create ninety miniature paintings that are the same as each other but different: it seemed a shame to be limited by the view of just one piece of the sky ! 




Just let  yourself be a frayed knot 2007
multi plate colour etching 5.8×5.9cm
edition size 90
details finalist CPM Award, Tweed Regional Gallery 2009




The closest distance between two places is measured in memories 2007
etched image as a digital decal, fired onto found ceramic shard
variable sizes – approx 5x5cm
edition size 10
initial print made by the artist, digital support by Evoke Design, Ceramic support by Liz Stops.
limited availability.
artist statement: In 2006 I made two etchings using traditional etching methods: one about my home in Lismore on the north coast of NSW and the other about where I lived before, in Goondiwindi, Queensland. I printed the etchings as complete images but also played with the randomness of printing onto “shards” of paper that helped me explore the fragmentary nature of place and memory as it related to my experience of having lived in two such disparate yet similar, familiar, places.To extend these ideas I had the images created digitally into ceramic decals (choosing part of the image that was a drawing of my little house in Goondiwindi). These decals were fired onto pieces of broken china like the ones I often stumble across when I’m painting out in the field – discarded fragments of other people’s stories just as these would be fragments of mine. Contained by the theoretical, created across the disciplines of both printmaking and ceramics yet belonging still to my representational practice, this artwork for me is about how memory not only juxtaposes experiences but re-interprets them as an altered version based on who and where you’ve been, and what you’ve seen since.
The title of this work:
The closest distance between two places is measured in memories is by Marylin Creates as quoted by Lucy R. Lippard in her book The Lure of the Local: senses of place in a multi-centred society (New York: New Press 1997 p. 82)




Cherish the handwritten moments  2006
multi plate colour etching 6.7×4.6cm
edition size 90 – two printing variations within the edition
artist statement: This multi-plate colour etching was created in 2006 from two plates: a plate with the image of a feather, made using the lift-ground etching technique and a second plate with random text effects on it. However, no matter how deeply etched a plate is, there is only a limited number of prints that can be pulled from it. In 2007 that second plate suddenly wore down so that the marks on it were indecipherable. I tried to duplicate the text marks on a new plate, but their randomness was not making it easy. In 2008 I started almost from scratch duplicating the idea rather than the exact marks on the plate. The result is this etching, made with three plates this time, the key plate from the first version and two solar plates that speak of the handwritten in all our life experiences. I felt that the “new” image was too similar to the original to be called a different edition:just as it is too different to be called part of the first .So I have continued the numbering of the edition from where the plate – and therefore the image – changed. Prints numbered 1-22 are the first version of this image: prints numbered 23-90 are the second version. Such is the learning experience that is printmaking !




Don’t let anyone tell you what should hold your memories 2004
multi plate colour etching 5 x 4/4cm
edition size 90
details: Created at the same time, and from the same series of drawings as the three basket suite of etchings, this piece was as much about the basket as the memories it embodied.
Reproduced as part of the Bella Collection blank greeting card series.




Don’t let anyone tell you how old you are  2004
multi plate colour etching (bleed print)
approx 6 x 2.5cm
edition size 90. variations of bleed printed shape within  the edition available
artist statement: When my oldest friend arrived at one of those birthdays that we celebrate with some chagrin, but celebrate never-the-less, I found her a fossil to remind her what old really looked like. It took several more years to find the fossil that I was to use for this etching. I’d been working in Barcaldine, but too far south of the fossil fields that had placed the Muttaburrasaurus in my old stamping grounds of Hughenden. I asked a friend, she with a scientific bent and a father who knew about rocks, what sort of fossil I should be looking for. She suggested a trilobite and at the town market once, searching amongst the bric-a-brac, in Warwick I think it was, I told someone it was a troglodyte I was looking for: they had neither rock nor cave-dweller in stock that week!Eventually I would find the fossil for this etching at the GemFest swap meet held at the Lismore showgrounds each May. Although I searched for an Australian fossil that described visually what I was looking for, the drawings for this etching came from one of a shoal of fish from a fossil field in Wyoming, from the pleistocene age maybe 2 million years old.
Christine Porter Lismore 2004

selected archive

There are none of these etchings left. They have all been sold into private or public collections worldwide. This is not a complete collection of the etchings from this suite that have sold out. Eight of these have been reproduced as blank greeting cards.

Ballet Slippers   2003
colour etching approx 5x5cm
sold out
 You can get there from here   2006
multi-plate colour etching  5.8 x 6.3 cm
sold out
If you’ve landed where you are; that’s where you’re meant to be  2003
multi plate colour etching
sold out
Reproduced as part of the Bella Collection blank greeting card series.
 Don’t let anyone tell you who you should love  2004
multi plate colour etching 5 x 5.5cm
sold out
Reproduced as part of the Bella Collection blank greeting card series.
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t reach it   1995
multi plate colour etching 5 x 5.5cm
sold out
Reproduced as part of the Bella Collection blank greeting card series.

on exhibition

New Zealand
Wellington: Millwood Gallery, Thorndon 04 4735179
Australian city galleries

Brisbane: Red Hill Gallery, Red Hill  07 33681442
Melbourne: PG Printmaker Gallery, Fitzroy 03 94177087
regional galleries
Bangalow: Barebones Artspace 02 66871393
Lismore: Christine’s studio/gallery (by appointment) 02 66225733
Moree:The Moree Gallery  02 6767523927

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