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Special Deals

March 2017

At the end of March, my exhibition comes down. It’s been an exciting time. The last weekend co-incides with the Opera In The Paddock which is held just outside Inverell. The gallery is planning a special closing celebration on the Sunday. Light lunch will be available and the bar will be open from midday.

If you are planning on being in Inverell for the closing, the March Special Deal is a free glass of champagne on that day. Just send me an email and I’ll post you a voucher for that afternoon.
There’ll be limits – I’m only giving away 20 vouchers, there’ll be a limit of one per person, and  you’ll need to be 18+ to use it.  But it will be nice if people would like to come along and celebrate the ending of this enormous project.

April 2017

With Easter being slap bang in the middle of April, I’m offering a free studio morning/afternoon tea visit to anyone who is in the Lismore area. I know that if you phone, I’m happy to have you come to visit anytime, but I thought I might use this as a reminder that school holiday times are a good excuse to visit. If you bring visitors from away, I’ll have a gift pack of cards for them. (If you have school age children I can fit about 5 in the viewing room easily. ) I have paintings on the wall, as well as drawers of paintings/bird miniatures and etchings that are not always on display.