fees and booking


how to book

This page describes the costs for Christine Porter to teach for you,  your art group or your school. Contact Christine directly by phone or email to discuss your needs. She is happy to work in with whatever you have planned – including writing new work or adjusting previously taught modules.

price list

full day workshop tuition fee
$650 per day inclusive of GST for teaching within Australia. The price per student will depend on numbers and any funding that the organisers may be able to source ( RADF, Arts Qld , etc )
1899_albumtravel For travel within Australia: $44 per hour for each hour it would take to get there by car – or reimbursement of public transport expense- clarified at booking
working with primary or high schools
$400 per school day including materials
professional development for school teachers $25 per person for a 2 hour after school session usually includes materials and afternoon tea
lecture or group presentation
$110 per hour + travel if Christine is not already in your town. Duration of the lecture will depend on the topic, purpose of the talk and the audience.
one-on-one consultation
$66 per hour . Includes the call if a phone or skype consultation . If Christine is already in your town, travel is not charged
artist in residence P.O.A. depending on the length of the stay, what is involved etc.
six week ongoing adult lessons  (small group or individual)  P.O.A. will depend on the number of students and the type of tuition required
ongoing children’s after school art lessons  $100 for a 6 week block includes materials, or $20 per class. Prices depend on minimum class numbers.
979_albummaterial fees materials are supplied at cost price. If your town has an art shop they will be given first option to supply art materials for each workshop.


travel: Christine is happy to travel anywhere in Australia (and indeed the world) to work with your artists. If she needs to drive more than an hour her fee will include an hourly rate for travel or a reimbursement of public transport costs such as air fare. Lismore is in north-east New South Wales: 2.5 hours south of Brisbane, 2 hours east of Tenterfield, 1.5 hour flight from Sydney. If Christine is seeing several clients or groups in an area, the travel expenses will be shared between those groups, or reduced.

1366_album accommodation: For short stays (up to four days), Christine is happy to be billeted, however for longer stays, separate accommodation within ten minutes of the studio,will need to be provided.

materials: Depending on the aim of the learning experiences provided, participants may need to purchase suitable art materials supplied by the tutor at cost. If your town has an art shop, they will be given first option to supply class sets of materials. A detailed materials list will be sent to the group in good time for the artists to prepare, if that is their wont. The tutor will always have enough materials for everyone. Those new to the medium, disorganised or too busy will be catered for and are welcome.

venue: any hall, classroom or shed is a suitable venue, depending on the type of workshop. More details are given in the notes at the end of each workshop description however everything will be discussed at the time of booking the workshop.

meals: the tutor will be responsible for her own meals

the day: the length of the teaching day can be as long as from 8:30 till 6 , however most groups work from 9 until 5 ish. A lunch break will be taken. Whilst working in schools Christine is happy to take a shorter lunch break so that students can have access during their lunchtime. Some workshops include follow-up or pre-workshop consultation.

your contact person: it is in the committee’s best interest to allocate someone to be there each day to be the person on the ground – to secure the premises and take tuition fees etc. Christine will supply a tax invoice on the morning of the last day.

flexibility: there is a certain amount of flexibility regarding just about all of these points. We are open to suggestions so if you have an idea , or can’t see exactly what you want here.

discounts: a discount will be considered if more than one workshop or activity is organised whilst Christine is in your town. Travel is not charged at full rate if she has other business there. On very rare occasions Christine may consider a discount on the tuition fee for a single event. Contact her to see if this is one of those times.