I’ll never get to Caroona at this rate.

When I started working with the accounting program Quickbooks, my book-keeper and I would joke about how we wouldn’t need to do too many Sudoku each day to keep my brain in practice against ageing. We had quickbooks. Logical, ordered, sensible: it still took a lot of working out. (Day three of being thankful to…

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Juggling is good for your health

Except when it isn’t. Day two in a probably endless series of days when I couldn’t do it without the support of my friends. Too much to do, far too much to do for this to be a good thing. Getting away with finishing things at the pointy end, in the eleventh hour, in the…

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Full Moon Art

For the last few days I’ve been on a sheep station west of Tenterfield. Along with the fabulous Julia Harpham, our hostess, we’ve been conducting what we’ve called our FULL MOON ART RETREAT. It’s a residential art workshop I teach, where a group of artists stay in the shearers’ quarters, have our studio in the…

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